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Top 10 Career Tips and Guidance for College Students | Techvedic

Once the days of college assessments and exams are over, the real test paper of life starts. It’s now the time to appease brands or companies that how serious you were in your approach and what you have learnt so far, and how all those can help them to achieve their goals. Yes, it’s time to launch yourself, and be on the career trajectory that never sees the blue of gravity. Welcome! Your Techvedic consultant is back with career tips to propel you with the right velocity at the right place. However, these career tips for college students are relevant for everyone who is determined to stay true to his/her dream.

Get ruled by passion not by chance

Don’t settle for a job sacrificing your interest and passion just to make your ends meet. It is a temporary respite and will not evoke any sense of satisfaction or accomplishment to drive you further. Remember, in absence of that, you can survive but not excel. For e.g. a software developer, well versed with technology and coding platforms, will simply kill his or her time, if he or she works in software marketing or something similar domains. Hence, focus on what drives you.

Think of a career not a job

Be a visionary. Visionaries don’t get deflected by short term benefits, instead, they aim at long-term objectives, and for that, they are ready to tread the extra mile enduring odds, ups and downs. Remember, career is like a systematic investment plan. Find the right place and position and go on investing your expertise and experiences, even if the initial returns are not that lucrative as you expected.

Focus on making big impact

Forget getting satisfied with mundane chores and objectives, if you want to make big impact do extraordinary pushing the boundaries. This will bring you into the limelight, and soon you will find yourself getting differentiated from the crowd, and this will push you up on the career ladder.

Distancing from the virtual focus on the real world

Interpersonal skills are of paramount importance at every workplace. But to develop it, the present generation needs to do a settlement with the virtual world – clearly, I’m referring to the digital world. Interaction and usage is fine, but not the indulgence. Instead of finding buddies on social media, find them in the real world. Even you don’t need to find them, they are all round you; just break the ice.

Find reliable mentors

Find reliable mentors who can provide career guidance whenever you need them. You don’t need to make any search for that. They are everywhere; they can be from your colleagues, teachers, friends, or even your parents. Just you need to identify and spot them. Learn from their real life experiences. At times, you might come across people who despite having great expertise could not achieve that attention or fame as they could have, however, that doesn’t mean that you overlook their worth or experiences. Recall from your history book, the character Pundrikaksha, the mentor of Chanakya – the renowned teacher and warrior who laid down the foundation of the Gupta Empire. Today the mentor is identified by his disciple.

Evaluate your accomplishments and failures

Do this homework consistently. Rather, make it a practice. Evaluate your performance keeping a close watch on the responsibilities that you are entrusted with and the expectation of the company from you. Were you able to meet the job standards or exceed them? Cheers! But do remember the blues. Was anything in the past that was not acceptable or where you think you could have done better? This analysis will foster you to dig out reasons, bring improvement and strategize yourself to become a more determined person.

Centralize your work profile

Create an online chronicle of your career as you move ahead the trajectory. Keep records of your education, skills, experience, accomplishments, commendations, and more at one place. This is quite easy to do as there are many online portals that allow you to create such profiles for free. Make it presentable, if required, add images and graphics to your profile. This can work as an important tool to showcase your talent while facing an interview.

Travel, discover, learn and evolve

With economic liberalization and globalization going on, companies are transcending geographical barriers to find new marketplaces and opportunities. Fortunately, this has ushered in new career opportunities as well, provided you are ready to accept them. Remember, today, you into a global village, and hence, are a global citizen. But mere saying so is not enough. Hence, while composing the career tips, I urge you to travel and explore the world, meet different people, and learn different cultures and languages.

Persistence beats resistance

You might find the world a bit different from the college campus. Days of fun and hang-outs are over, here, you will witness the hustle and bustle, people nudging others to hit the finish line. Here, business is required at every cost. Hence, keep yourself motivated. Create a vision board in your drawing room with inspiring quotes on it, so that you can derive strength to face the day long challenges when you wake up in the morning.

Accept your mistakes

Don’t overlook your mistakes or try to hide them, because by doing that you become oblivious of your weakness that led to the mistakes, and with that attitude you won’t put your 100 per cent to overcome it. If required, take assistance from anybody whom you think considerate and prudent. Don't be afraid to ask, and then remember to return the favor.

Now it’s time to say goodbye! We will be back soon with more career tips. 

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