Friday, 18 July 2014

Tips for Older Job Seekers

Tips for Older Job Seekers

For more mature and jobless workers , the long term may look grim . Companies are hiring more and more part-time workers and contractors in efforts to stay away from paying health care expenses and contributing to pensions . Technological innovation changes so quickly . And employee/employer loyalty appears to be at a premium . In fact , data shows that older jobless workers have a harder time protecting occupation than their younger counterparts . 

It’s no real surprise that many jobless and underemployed people over 50 are involved about age discrimination . But is age really a barrier to their employment ? 

Listed here are some popular assumptions regarding more aged workers : 

Stale ; not technically savvy 
Put into ways ; not adaptable to change 
Are these types of misconceptions ? Which are beyond your own control ? Which ones can you control ?

In case you’re an older job seeker , try a few of these helpful tips : 

1 . ) Grab hold of Technology . It’s here to stay . It’s a necessity to obtain learning new technologies and orientation social media into your own hands , whatever your age . 

2 . ) Understand or know that fast-paced work surroundings are nothing new . Don’t let this fear immobilize you ! 

3 . ) Be truthful about your salary specifications . You may have previously dipped into or spent your retirement and savings . While probably not popular , my recommendations are reasonable and frank : some money is better than absolutely no money . Trim expenses when possible . 

4 . ) Looking old . We can do little regarding our gray hair and wrinkles other than to invest in anti-aging items . View your wrinkles and gray hair as pieces of wisdom ! 

5 . ) You might never be good enough anyhow . Some individuals just aren’t going to be open to hiring older employees . But you don’t want to work for them in any case , do you ? 

Above all , BE POSITIVE ! Don’t buy into the stereotypes of older workers . The fact is that your vast experience could threaten your younger counterparts . Reassure employers that you understand the value of teamwork and understand your role within the organization . Be prepared to provide examples of successfully working with younger supervisors and/or teammates .

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