Friday, 18 July 2014

Reasons you didn't get a job even after a great interview

Your own job application was because perfect as it can be ( it got you the interview call ) although your job interview also went fine by every specifications . The interaction was healthy and balanced , you found the people nice and supportive and you are actually imagining yourself working at the location , but if only you could get the offer letter , which remains elusive even after a wait of weeks . 

Your own regular follow ups and thank you information haven't also served the objective . So what exactly is stopping the recruiter to extend you the 'Letter of Intent' ? 
Here are some causes .

1. The recruiter didn't like you
Likeability is a subjective matter and you can't please everyone. However, there is no denying this fact that likeability matters at workplace.

2. You are less of a networker
Having to choose from the two, the person who has been referred by an employee will always have a greater chance of getting selected against the unknown candidate as the referral is considered a 'low-risk hire'.

3. Recruiter resorted to internal hiring
Known as internal hire, these people are more likely to be transferred to new roles and responsibilities against choosing a candidate from outside, since such internal hires are typically low-risk for the recruiter.

4. The position is no longer relevant
There are so many things that can lead to cancellation or revision of the job, right from a drop in profit to a market crisis, that it is sometimes hard to guess why the interviewer didn't extend an offer letter.

5. You might not be attractive enough
Well, it might sound a little not-so-right to recruiters, but like all humans they also get swayed by superficial elements. This is not to say that all HR people are like this, but yes, many HR professionals pay more attention to pretty faces and neat looks.

What you can do from your end is try and look the sharpest you can.

Wear a perfectly ironed pair of formals, gel your hair together, shave off your beard and look confident.

After all, first impression is the last impression.

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