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How to Develop a Career Plan that Excites You


Considerate action to enhance your own superpowers keeps your career moving in the upward direction . If you quit developing your superpowers , your own career can flat line . Deceased . Just roll over and give up . Unless…you can easily see the larger picture of just how each action you take can grow your own career . 

Whenever you keep adding skills to your superpowers , constructive thought behavior to your mindset , and intelligent people to your network , it is possible to create a career that tingles and delights you . 
The challenge is creating a focused program that helps you will have fun and also create more control in your career . 
So , what does that mean ? 

Each and every Action Matters 
Each and every action I take within my professional career , I try to think about it as a resume builder . I either say yes because doing so just seems fun and I’ll work out a way to make it fit my job application or I say no because it seems boring . 
This really is the gauge that I use to try to make many of my decisions . If it seems challenging and piques my curiosity , I go for it . 
I was recently asked to speak at a meeting . It took me away from my normal program and it would hold me back from completing a very important task , but I said yes because it felt like a lot of fun . 
The next time you are asked to work on a project , just ask yourself , 

A Question of Passion 
In the event that the task or development you’re contemplating doesn’t seem the least bit fun , it’s going to be hard for you to get good results . Passion is important . You have to have inspiration and hopefully a sense of playfulness whenever you do a project or task . It’s this playfulness that can make it feel easy to take action .

In the event you can’t make the task interesting then it’s time to locate help . If you can make it attention-grabbing then you are taking part in into your passions . 
You understand how important your interests are to your career . They can help guide your profession in the direction that can make you happier . Ignoring these emotions typically does a lot more harm than good . 
When a job stops becoming fun , then it’s usually time for an adjustment . It could entail changing your goals at work or changing your career completely . Something has to change if you believe joy and happiness is important to your career and life . 

Produce an Actionable Plan Around Your Passions 
Check out what you are most curious about in your career . If you are a nurse , it might be enhancing patients’ happiness , or if you are teacher , it might be figuring out how to train something like Newton’s laws of physics and actually make it attractive . 
The example below was altered from a earlier coaching client that implemented a similar strategy in a different field . I asked if I could use her for instance . She said yes , as long as I changed the example to an unique line of work , so not to give one of her secret tools to one of her competitors . I agreed , so here it is . 
Ok , let’s begin . In case you are a teacher in any sense of the term , look at the place where you want your students or colleagues to be after some time with each other . Create a goal around this idea .

Your Goal:
ex. I want my students to be more engaged with the material I teach.
What can I do to make my teaching material more fun and therefore this goal easier to attain?
ex. I can offer them two projects to choose from and put it to a vote. Whichever the majority of the class chooses “wins” and I’ll ask them to help the others with buy in and delivery as well.
What are the main tasks I need to accomplish to make this happen?
ex. I need to:

Discover two interesting methods for the students to understand the information . 
Produce a voting system for the college students . 
As soon as we pick a project , what are the necessary tasks we need to achieve to make this happen ? 
Clarify what is expected of them and ask them to try cracking the task into actionable chunks . 
Discuss with course and come up with milestones and timeframe . 
Determine the dimensions of success of project by asking for student feedback . 
If you are able to run this this project and you can say 87% of the students appreciated the project and 92% passed the examination , you are demonstrating results that administrators can see the worth in . 
As soon as you know what your goal is and how you are going to reach it , it makes actually doing the project so much simpler . It feels more fun and doable . 

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