Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Things to Avoid That Cause Disengagement

Are you together with your organization developing the very disengagement you are attempting to solve ? 
In medication there is a term call iatrogenic sickness , define as of or associated with illness caused by medical assessment or treatment . A common instance is to go to the hospital for a technique and end up with an infection . We don’t would like to infect our employees with disengagement but some things we do may unknowingly or inadvertently be creating the very problem we are trying to solve .

Here is a list of 23 sources of disengagement caused by our efforts to engage:

Eliminating personal responsibility for engagement while we state that managers , leaders , or organizations are responsible for involvement . 
Using anonymous surveys unintentionally tells employees we don’t would like to know who they are . 
Asking for feedback on a survey and never making certain employees know that their comments were read and respected . 
Ending our employee engagement work simply because we don’t like the lack of results we certainly have received . 
Asking them questions on an engagement survey that we lack the wherewithal to address . 
Taking far too a great deal of time between when we survey employees and when we release the data and sometimes never releasing the data . Involvement measure should be more like good toasters . You insert the data and have it pop-up in no time . 
When employee involvement is talked about as something extra or a thing . 
Whenever we fail to ask staff members directly what can be done to develop engagement . 
When we fail to question employees to write some of the involvement survey questions . 
When we fail to have faith in our employees . 
When disengagement is treated because a punishable offence rather than a trigger for a discussion . 
When we fail to address advance and setback as a key engagement concern . 
When our work becomes creepy . 
Failure to end something before we begin something . 
Whenever we resort to hype and hyperbole about becoming a great place to work . 
Paying lots of money to be an excellent place to work and get the badge but there is however a lack of substance behind the badge or credential . 
Believing that everyone should find the same sense of meaning from their work . 
Disappointment to make use of the inherent engagement in smart phones and tablets . 
Inability to move from surveys to in the nick of time bio-measures of engagement .
Generating high levels of frustration when we foster motivation but fail to give workers the proper tools to do the job . 
When engagement is utilized as a new word for motivation and we neglect to look deeper . 
Informing employees that we expect rather than promote them to have a best friend at work . 
Owning employee engagement as only program or event and expecting endurable improvement .

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