Thursday, 31 July 2014

The Strategic Coffee Meeting

Occasionally , “Let’s Do Lunch” isn’t completely the right “Do” . Truthfully , not every small company meeting needs to include the expense of a 3-course prix fixe , two eyeglasses of Sancerre and a 20% tip , as well as the 60 to 90-minute commitment . 

My very own solution to this is “Let’s Do Coffee” , which turns out to be the setting for 3 to 6 of my most reliable one-on-one business conferences each week . The coffee store option is full of usefulness on all levels , but like fine dining , also is included with potential pitfalls ready to trap those of us who lack experience or intuition . For anyone who fancies the caffeinated meeting format , take the following bits of advice from someone who leads the charge . 

Tick , Tock
The very first thing to keep in mind about coffee group meetings is that the timing is not as referred to as it would be with lunch meetings . For example , I’ve had half-hour coffees that , in actuality , were 15 minutes too long ; On the flip side , there has been two-hour coffees where we’ve just scratched the surface of our business available . Good practice is to get an idea for how much time the other person has , and collection a cell phone alarm for a “hard stop” about ten minutes before a departure is needed . This will preserve the flow of any deep conversation , while promising that scheduled commitments are met . 

The Strolling Coffee 
To condition the obvious , you can’t make a reservation at a coffee spot . If the line is extended andthe tables are full , it could carve an enormous chunk out of your own meeting time . This is whyarriving early for a coffee is even more essential than for a lunch meeting . An additional technique I use for keeping on timetable is scouting out a public space near our date location that we can walk to as soon as we’ve purchased our coffee to go . Now that it’s finally spring , walking coffees will prove far more practical . Plus , it doesn’t hurt to get a little sunlight and exercise in the process . Here’s mysecret cultured coffee hideout , if you happen to be meeting between 9 and 10 :30am . 

The Ambiguous Hour 
Often , the coffee conference time that works for both of you will fall close enough to either side of lunchtime regarding suggest a small meal is in order . The androgyny of an 11am or 1pm coffee will definitely prompt you to choose your spot differently . My advice is to be recognizes the other party’s food personal preferences or lifestyle when making your choice . I know it’s hard to believe , but not everyone likes Starbucks ! Simply some brief online research the day before will benefit you zero in on an appropriate venue in any neighborhood .

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