Tuesday, 15 July 2014

How to Use LinkedIn to Full Advantage

LinkedIn is a social media site like no other . Rather than 'tweet' , 'poke' or simply just upload ridiculous amounts of excessive photos , LinkedIn advantages the experienced working individual in meaningful elements ; it could be the perfect place to find your next work place . As of June 2013 , LinkedIn was revealed to have 225 million members and counting , so it really is recommended that you set yourself up with a user profile , especially if you're considering a new career move.

Before you begin to connect 

Ensure your employment status indicates that you are job-seeking , not everyone will understand ! 
Unlike a CV , create your LinkedIn profile a bit more friendly and personalized . Voice in the 1st person and come across as the way you would speak in real life . 

Needless to say , emphasise that you are a reputable professional , but LinkedIn continues to be slightly less critical than an actual CV document . You would like to engage with people and essentially get them to like you . 
Take your CV and use that as guidance , including keyword terms which hr consultants would normally pick up on . You want to make yourself as easily searchable as possible- individuals already in your network aren't going to be the only ones who are able to help you . Make sure you stand out , as with a CV or job application . 

Be sure you fill out almost everything , and really think it over . If you're simply treating LinkedIn as you might do say with your Facebook , you're not going to get very far . Enter all of your contact details so that interested employers can get in touch if they desire . 
With your photograph , choose a picture that is professional and smiley , undoubtedly not one from that drunken night out or you showing off those excellent balloon animal skill sets . 

Emphasise your own hobbies and voluntary work sections , as these will make you stand out over your competitors . You can show yourself as the compassionate , precautionary individual you really are . 
Of course , upload your CV . If a recruiter recognizes you and wants to know more , that's the perfect next step for them . Make sure that an up-to-scratch paper , with your main goals and ambitions is uploaded . If you're applying to numerous positions , mention a broader "seeking" description in the user profile , which could apply to all roles , and emphasise your transferable skills . 

As soon as you're set up 
Make contact with old colleagues or university mates and see what they're up to . Let them know what you've been carrying out and that you're looking for a new role .

Inquire about referrals ; the more you will have , the better you look . 
Be known people who your contacts know , and message them . Drop them a series and ask if they know of any rankings going in the company , or if they could mention to somebody that you are looking . Networking is key . 

Comment on others' shares and individuals may begin to notice you . Provide beneficial feedback and perhaps post a link you have found in a answer . Others can pick up on this and those who are interested in what you need to say may contact you . 

And also obviously , now that you can Apply via LinkedIn , look at businesses you are interested in and apply for roles with your profile ! You could even do further background researching by seeing which employees are under that company and contacting them on LinkedIn , refer to what kind of people work there and what the expectations are , and what it's really like to work at that company . 

Once set up and connected , LinkedIn really can provide you with many a decent job opportunity , so what are you waiting for ? Time to get networking !

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