Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Work-life balance

Tips for working mothers:

You should not consider yourself a super woman and also do everything yourself . Learn how to delegate and take help from others . 
Prioritise your current activities . Maintain a to-do list . Make sure to complete the high priority ones first . 
Beginning to feel guilty is not the solution . You will need not be the best of all ; so long as you are happy you did the best you could . 
Have a very good professional relationship with co-workers , who can support you in difficult circumstances , if the need arises . 
If the kids are elder , teach them to take accountability and if feasible help you with household chores . This is some thing , both you and kid will be proud of later on .
Keep the communication channel open. Discuss your issues with all the people who matter to you. If there is late night call and you are not ready to attend, inform to your manager accordingly. This will help you avoid chaos. Whenever required, take advantage of work-from-home option.
Planning for your week ahead during the weekends is one of the best ways to strike a balance. Wash, iron and plan your wardrobe for the week ahead. You might consider preparing a list of breakfast, curries to be prepared on weekdays and stuff your refrigerator accordingly.
Use technology for advantage. You can use shopping sites to buy vegetables. Take help of the electronic household appliances -- microwave, rice cooker, dish washer -- to make life easier.
Spend quality family time together. Have dinner together, catch a movie over the weekend, visit a museum, take a walk and most importantly laugh out loud together for silly reasons. It will give you energy to carry on.
Last, but not least, take time to rejuvenate yourself by pursuing something you like.

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