Friday, 25 July 2014

Books to Map Your Path to Greater Success

Books to Map Your Path to Greater Success 

The most popular books are the ones that inspired me to accept my level of activity up a notch . Listed here are four books that assisted to take me to the next level in my life . Hopefully , they are able to do the same for you as well : 

The Secret . For those who have a clear image of how specifically you would like to live your daily life but are uncertain how to make it happen , Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret is perfect for you . In The Secret , Rhonda shares a universal law , similar to the law of gravity , that she discovered while she was at the lowest point in her life . This law is the law of attraction . 

The law of attraction suggests that your ideas influence the events that occur in your life . If you concentrate your attention on attaining a goal , and also believe that you can achieve that goal , you will achieve it . 

After going through this book , and also discovering the concept of the law of attraction , my life has never the same . I started getting more positive , and also believed in myself , my objectives and efforts much more 

In addition to expressing the concept of the law of attraction , The Secret shares strategies and also approaches to use the law in our businesses , relationships and individual lives . 

Toilet Paper Entrepreneur . You don't require large amounts of money to achieve success in business . Starting up a business with very little investment capital be a good thing . In The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur , Mike Michalowicz shares an analogy he formulated when he was on the toilet and only had 3 sheets of toilet paper eventually left to finish his business . 

The premise of the analogy is the fact that entrepreneurs who don’t start out with large amounts of money really have an advantage over those who do take funding from angel investors and venture capitalist . That's simply because financially constrained business owners will only spent money on the absolutely necessary expenses .

The book is completely hilarious . Often times I literally tumbled off my chair or bed laughing while reading it  
Start With Why . Simon Sinek’s Start with Why is a brilliant book which has profoundly transformed my view of the world . In the book , Simon shares with viewers what makes some businesses and individuals able to quickly spread their messages , while others cannot . 

Not only will Begin With Why help you in business but additionally in life . It teaches readers how you can successfully communicate in a way that encourages others to listen . 

The 10x Rule . For those who have experienced dissatisfaction after attaining a goal because it was too small , or if you actually fell short on the desired goals you set and became disheartened rather than try again , The 10x Rule by Grant Cardone will benefit you . 

In The 10x Rule , visitors learn about the one of the things that distinguishes the successful from the not successful . Grant says that the successful take huge action and commit to being extraordinary , while the unsuccessful set mediocre goals . 

The 10x Rule shares with readers what level of activity is critical to be successful in any part of life . Readers also understand the reason why individuals don’t reach their goals , and how you can solve that problem . We regularly hear about setting goals but The 10x Rule shares the primary reason why most people don’t achieve the goals they set . 

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