Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Twelve Ways to Be a Lifelong Learner

This quotation generally summarizes the significance of continuous learning in today’s ever changing times . The most convenient way to approach the strategy of ongoing discovery is with zest and ardour . 

1 . Read through voraciously literature related to your career 77 .9% of respondents to a  poll mentioned they read continuously and 69 .6% indicated they believe that reading is vital to career advancement . Many books are definite business classics in a general perception and others can be quite specific to your chosen area ; consult book testimonials and industry journals when unsure and constantly aim to remain ahead of the curve in your own career reading . 

2 . Create interests and also read in non-job relevant areas You will be surprised at the value you may derive both in your profession and in your life in general from getting better rounded in your information and skills and/or becoming a professional in a matter you are enthusiastic about even if it seems not connected to your career . Most skills are transferable therefore you are sure to find some way to incorporate your learnings in your work at some point . Even if you don’t , by indulging your understanding interests you will become a much more fascinating and satisfied and fulfilled professional . 

3 . Write about your learnings or at best take notes and jot ideas Share your learnings simply by a blog or by article writing or summary notes if you feel comfortable . If you are not comfortable sharing , do take and keep notes for yourself . Active studying involves jotting ideas and also taking notes and also involves a higher level of involvement and learning ; plus these notes and ideas can come in very handy later on . 

4 . Learn from video and audio not only reading There is plenty to choose from available when it comes to average of learning these days so by all means mix and match and don’t restrict yourself . You may find your very best cooking lessons come from a relevant video channel and a brand new language is best acquired through audio means while on the treadmill machine at the gym . Take advantage of all means accessible to you to learn and vary the medium when you really need a change or want to experiment .

5 . Take lessons and attend lectures/seminars/conferences when you are able to. It’s great to relax and listen to experts’ viewpoint and join in well-balanced classroom discourse in an exceedingly structured dedicated environment from time to time . In the event you cannot physically attend courses , you might want to try online courses .A recent online education poll showed that 39 .3% specialists in this region say they might consider pursuing an online course if given a chance . 

6 . Join online and offline groups associated with your interests By joining a group you may fuel your interests , challenge and reinforce your learnings , and keep the flame alive . It can be a general book club you join or a group specific to your area of interest eg . an Engineering Society , sewing circle , stargazers club , accounting forum etc . No matter what format your group takes it is bound to result in synergies that build up and augment your leanings . 

7 . Enroll in discussions in your area of interest ; make inquiries Try not to be a passive learner all the time ; ask and answer questions , participate in conversations and aim to truly understand and aid in the describing of best practice . Take advantage of the energies and synergies around you always and aim to find and contribute to improvements and alternatives . 

8 . Teach somebody ; no more effective way to learn than by teaching Its proven that teaching is generally the best way to learn because we learn from our students’ burning queries as well as from preparing to be the greatest teachers we can be . If you have absolutely no student or mentee perhaps you may organize a learning circle for people with comparable interests who respect your knowledge and rotate topics you cover every week .

9 . Don’t be self conscious to implement , practice and also experiment with your learning wonderful if you can carry your learnings to bear in your life as well as in your career . Don’t be afraid to make sure to innovate using your newly attained state-of-the-art technical skills or experiment with your new management technique at work ; similarly next time you can be at the French or Chinese restaurant down-town don’t hesitate to place the order in your own budding French or Chinese . 

10 . Discover a mentor/coach in your area of interest if you can A coach can be a very helpful source of knowledge and resource as well as a appearing board and advisor . Pick somebody who has sufficient quality time for you personally and who shares your interests and whose views and ideas you really respect and value . 

11 . Set milestones and also reward yourself on reaching them Set smart objectives you can easily achieve and reward on your own when you do , to make the journey even more satisfying and rewarding . Whether you choose to take a test at regular intervals or an exotic holiday in the local land of your newly acquire language or even implement a new project or task or function or practice in the workplace , make sure you are on a regular basis assessing your new skills and tweaking your own approach visavis the road ahead accordingly . 

12 . Take pleasure in the process of learning and treat it as a lifelong journey Learning can be fun and immensely pleasing especially when you have the luxury of choosing and also controlling the pace and setting and subject matter and dynamic . Take pleasure in the journey and celebrate every learning and every implementation of your own learnings along the way . 

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