Thursday, 10 July 2014

Have A Measurable Goal To Discuss During Appraisal

Employees usually think about performance assessment as a platform to take delivery of feedback on their overall performance . But by reducing it to be only a one-way conversation , the employee loses an excellent opportunity to have an in depth conversation about their career ambitions and relate it to the work , and the organisation . 

There are certain things that an employee needs to pay attention to throughout an appraisal meeting and there are the things that he/she needs to prepare before-hand 

Pre-planning is a must 
That allows you to get the most out of an appraisal discussion , an employee needs to have best suited planning much ahead of the meeting . He/she needs to keep information intact , gather relevant accolades and do not miss on analyzing and documenting the areas of improvements as well . 

Do Have a measurable objective 
You need to be an active participant , establish your main goals from the start of the discussion . Focus on key goals and define a plan that makes sense to you and your company . Make sure that the goals are considerable , meaningful and reasonably attainable . Talk about how you can increase your contribution towards your department or the company . 

Deal with criticism effectively 
Many professionals find complexity in handling criticism and tend to be protective . An employee has to be positive and handle feedback information peacefully and honestly . If there are any arguments , state all of them in factual behavioral terms and conditions and provide assistance for the arguments , including examples and information . Participate in a discussion with your manager to mentor you on boosting your shortcomings . 

Being specific is essential 
Use simple expressions with good examples , be particular do not get into a general conversation . Use qualitative statements related to the accomplished milestones and accolades you received , emphasize on proficiencies developed during the time period . The declarations must be precise and recognized . The appraiser must build an understanding that you really have completed considerable groundwork before the discussion . 

Find out ways to enhance 
Concentrate on the conversation in the manner that you seek to enhance the quality of your work , and are enthusiastic about professional growth . If you do not have the necessary tools/trainings request for the same during the appraisal conversation . This will boost your involvement and value towards the organisation . 

Assisting team members 
If you think the meeting is progressing the way you would like , do not let go of any chance for pitching an idea of assisting others within the team . This might be the right stroke for playing a mentoring role and thereby increasing likelihood of promotion in the future .

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