Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Lost the Job Offer? Ask yourself these questions

Ever gotten turned down for employment and wished to ask the interviewer "WHY?" i feel we've all been during this scenario -- the matter is that the majority employers are going to be very hesitant to inform you why they rejected you as a candidate. the great news is, if you'll be honest with yourself, you'll most likely find out why you did not get employment offer by asking yourself these questions:

1) Did I thoroughly analyzed the employer therefore I may offer very specific reasons why i'm inquisitive about operating for his or her particular organization? (Your answers should build it obvious to the employer that you really did your homework. If you provide basically an equivalent answer to quite one employer - you are most likely in trouble).

2) Did I scan through the task description carefully so I knew exactly what the task duties were? (CLUE -- if when you answered the "Why square measure you inquisitive about this job" question, the recruiter reminded you of the task duties, you most likely simply lost the task offer).

3) Did I cite specific detailed examples to prove I met their requirements? (For example, if you are asked to speak concerning your communication skills, say one thing like: "I assume my communication skills are one in all my strengths. Let me offer you an example --last week, i used to be (cite specific situation) and then I (cite specific action you took), that resulted in (describe positive outcome of your action).

4) Did I dress suitably for the interview? (If the inquirer was dressed a lot of formally than you, the offer might have flown out the window before you even sat down).

5) Did I demonstrate real enthusiasm for the work and employer? (If you are not certain you would like the work -- there is a sensible chance the employer walked away from the interview wondering the same issue -- if thus "bye-bye" job offer).

6) Did I follow up with a thanks note? (This is an extra thanks to show the employer that you really want the work -- no letter = little effort = no offer).

7) Did I sully anyone in the interview? (Any negative comment about a former job, employer or colleague can lead the leader to assume that you will likely do the same issue at their organization if they hire you).

8) Was I late? Did I actually have gum in my mouth? Did my mobile phone go off? Did I not sleep straight and observe eye contact?

9) Did I go into the interviewing thinking "I'm not sure I really want this job"? (Candidates sometimes do this to minimize the blow of being turned down but having this mindset often leads to rejection. Even if you are not sure you want the job -- go into the interview thinking "I want to get this job offer" -- that way you get to decide).

If you said "Yes" to any of these questions -- you must have a good plan why you did not get the duty provide. If you may say "No" to all or any of them, it's possible that somebody else was a lot of qualified than you for every of the roles -- however if multiple job interviews end in no offers, it's going to be you were "out interviewed" instead of out qualified. therein event, please contemplate performing some observe interviews through your career center and/or with somebody who has expertise interviewing candidates.

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