Wednesday, 2 July 2014

High Performers vs. Workaholics, The Main Diffreance

Over the past year, i have been reading, researching, and conducting experiments on myself to grasp the distinction between high performers and workaholics. i think that there are healthier ways for us to figure while not sacrificing our values, the individuals we value, or the worth we tend to produce but we, as a society, mistake workaholism for prime performance, however they're 2 distinct ways that of working.

High performance and workaholism look constant on the surface. They each seem like hard work. the massive distinction is how the individual feels on from with in concerning who they're in relationships to their work.

1. Doing Business vs. Being Busy

A high performer's #1 goal is to try and do business. the sole factor that matters to them are results. If they cannot see a way to form price in the moment, they facilitate or strategize instead. They know that just like the economy, business comes in waves, therefore, they prepare throughout the dips in order that they will capitalize during the upswings.

A workaholics' #1 goal is to be busy. Workaholics fill any space in time with busy work as a result of they feel insecure doing nothing. The insecurity comes from not knowing their price. They believe that the busier they're, the a lot of vital they must be. As a result, they notice the simplest way to be busy even once it isn't busy season rather than sporadically torpid throughout the times, weeks, months, quarters, and year for once the highs return.

2. knows what is Enough vs. ne'er Enough

A high perform is aware of what's enough. whether or not we win by one purpose or 50 points, it doesn't matter. A win is a win. High performers see a lot of in the areas that matters, however they understand what enough is within the areas that do not matter most. This comes from having a transparent definition of success.

A compulsive does not understand what enough is. i am not adequate. this is not adequate. i do not have enough time. i do not have enough support. they're continually targeted on a lot of and seeing to maximise everything as a result of they do not very understand what success suggests that to them.

3. 100 percent At the correct Time vs. one hundred and tenth All Of The Time

A high performer is aware of once to show it up. once their number is termed, they provide everything they need. they do not buy into the illusion of 110th. They grasp that 110th is unsustainable. Instead they concentrate on increasing their capability so their 100% is best than the competition's one hundred and tenth.

A compulsive thinks "turn down for what?" They hustle, grind, and go H.A.M. all of the time. they have problem prioritizing what is vital, therefore, everything is vital in their mind.

4. Is aware of Their value vs. allows Others to work out worth

A high entertainer is aware of their self-worth and might therefore work with a way a freedom. This comes from doing periodic self-evaluation of their performance so they'll constant improve. They produce their own feedback loops instead of waiting on feedback from others.

A compulsive depends on external validation from their boss, colleagues, and shoppers and therefore works with a way of worry. They watch for external evaluations like mid-year or annual reviews done by others to grasp however well they're doing.

5. Proactive/Intentional vs. Reactive/Unintentional

A high performer is proactive about their time and work. They style their day and anchor the foremost meaningful and vital things in time first, then they allow fires and alternative unplanned events to fill within the remainder of their day. they do not permit distractions to discourage their strategy.

A compulsive is reactive regarding their time and work. they permit people to settle on however their time gets spent operating by reacting to emails, fires, unplanned events, and different distractions that arise throughout the day. If and once all of the detail get address, they fight to try and do what is most substantive.

6. Concentrate on What I manage vs. What i am unable to

A high performer focuses on their effort—inputs and outputs. solely the individual is aware of if they gave the task at hand their best. They choose themselves against their best self as against to others.

A compulsive focuses on the result and their financial gain. Even once you assume you are doing your best, the outcome that we occurs and the financial gain that's derived from it's not totally in our control. Their want to match leads them to evaluate themselves using common metrics of success which are not continually directly related to to effort.

7. Place Self 1st vs. Second

A high performer puts themselves 1st as a result of they recognize that by doing thus, it permits them to serve others at the next level. every now and then it seems to be selfish, however it's truly unselfish as a result of they need to offer superior service to those they work with and for.

A workaholics puts others before themselves. This seems to be selfless, however it is not sustainable. after we perpetually provide over we've got and ne'er take time to fill up our source, we end up depleted. This behaviors is additionally driven by the great intention of service, however want to be required and be the hero counters that intention.

I hope this has helped you perceive the fine line between workaholics and high performance and verify wherever you're in order that you'll shift your approach to the good work you are doing daily.

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