Thursday, 17 July 2014

How to Make a First Impression

It includes frequently been said that , “You merely get one possibility to make a first impression .” 
Regardless of whether you are networking , interviewing for employment or meeting new co-workers for the first time , here are some stategies to keep in mind which will make an excellent first impression . 

Keep in mind the other person’s time . Ask if this is the best time for them before proceeding into the conversation ( or identify another time that could be better ) . When attending a planned meeting or interview , ask how much time the other person has , and hold to that stretch of time . 

If you were signed up by a mutual friend or colleague to the person with whom you’re conference , be sure to reference that person in positive terms . This helps to build a “personal bridge” and also establish rapport . 

Take notes all through the discussion . A person who doesn’t take notes is not really interested or engaged enough to be taken significantly . 

Arrive to the meeting or employment interview on time and fully prepared . This shows that you respect the other person , and that you are a real professional . Learn everything you can ahead of time about the company , the possibility , and the interviewer . 

Be concentrated on the other person’s requirements and needs , more than your own . Present yourself as a solutions service provider , rather than a job seeker . Offer to be of service and show genuine fascination with helping the interviewer with his or her business difficulties . 

Show up to the meeting or interview in a timely manner and fully prepared . This reveals that you respect the other person , and that you are a real experienced . Learn everything you can ahead of time about the company , the opportunity , and the interviewer . 

Be involved in the other person’s requirements and intrests , more than just your own . Present your self as a solutions provider , as opposed to a job seeker . Offer to be of assistance and show genuine interest in assisting the interviewer with his or her business problems . 

As soon as you confirm the interviewer’s most important needs and problems , share some “Accomplishment Stories” that associate your past successes directly to the prospective employer’s situation . Making this “connection” can help you stand-out as the top candidate . 

Listed here are some things NOT to do , in an attempt to make a positive first feeling . Do not : 
Reap the benefits of the other person’s generosity or valuable time . 
Show up unprepared to talk smartly about the employer along with the company . 
Dress inappropriately for the conference or interview . 
Focus only on your own requirements ( instead you ought to focus on the company’s issues and challenges ) . 
Neglect to make a connection between your past experience and the prospective employer’s needs and problems . 
Stop thinking about to follow-up with a thank you note . 
Fail to remember to ask questions concerning the company and the open position . 

These items are also some of the main qualities interviewers are looking for in a candidate . So if you follow these simple suggestions , you’ll receive better feedback and ultimately get more job offers .

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