Tuesday, 15 July 2014

job search errors you're probably making

Through the years , hiring managers have born witness to each and every hiring , interviewing , resume , cover letter and negotiation mistake there is . 

You already know what these blunders are . We've explained you several times . Yet you ( and a huge selection of other job seekers ) continue to make common job search mistakes . 

From people who see your mistakes over and over , here are 16 common job search errors to avoid -- and some of them may surprise you . 

1 .You don't always keep your options open 
"Candidates are likely to think that if they interview for a job they will get a deal , so they do not apply and job interview for multiple positions ," says Joanie Spain , director of public relations and career services , School of Advertising Art , a graphic design college . "They wait until one plays out completely , putting their job search on hold until knowing for sure they didn't get the offer ." 

2 . You bring in your nose at job information 
"Entry-level applicants are reluctant to apply for a position unless of course the job sounds like their 'dream job' or they have all qualifications listed .Rather than going on an interview to get more information , they base decisions about applying on the job description alone . They fail to see that all interview knowledge is good experience , or that , until there is an offer on the table , there is no decision to make .

3 . You haven't perfected the thank-you mention 
"Don't be too verbose with a thank-you note after an interview . Submitting a version of "War and Peace" can come across as desperate and needy for a job . However , sending a one or two phrase thank-you note comes across as flippant , not well thought-out and possibly shows indifference regarding the job to the company

4 . You don't verify your references 
"Always provide references that you've pre-screened . We at times see applicants give out references that were never checked with and the recommendations feedback isn't always kind. Also , make sure they're principally managers . An occasional colleague is okay , but contemporaries and also friends really don't carry that much weight in helping you land a situation .

5 . You've got poor business acumen 
Managers have become more savvy and are taking candidates out to lunch for interviews . They desire to see how you treat a restaurant staff and see the 'real' you . If you're rude to them or don't seem pleased with for their hard work to make your meal pleasurable , managers wonder how you'll treat contemporaries you work with. 

6 . You have a unpleasant briefcase 
"A messy briefcase may imply the person is unorganized , untidy and unprepared , and that their work will be less than optimal   Someone who is neat , clean , organized and prepared in all areas conveys they're serious about getting a job and working ." 

7.Inquire about referrals ; the more you will have , the better you look . 
Be known people who your contacts know , and message them . Drop them a series and ask if they know of any rankings going in the company , or if they could mention to somebody that you are looking . Networking is key . 

8.Comment on others' shares and individuals may begin to notice you . Provide beneficial feedback and perhaps post a link you have found in a answer . Others can pick up on this and those who are interested in what you need to say may contact you . 

9.And also obviously , now that you can Apply via LinkedIn , look at businesses you are interested in and apply for roles with your profile ! You could even do further background researching by seeing which employees are under that company and contacting them on LinkedIn , refer to what kind of people work there and what the expectations are , and what it's really like to work at that company . 

Once set up and connected , LinkedIn really can provide you with many a decent job opportunity , so what are you waiting for ? Time to get networking !

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