Monday, 7 July 2014

Employee leave managers but not Organizations

Most people believe that employee’s leave organizations for cash reasons. however if we actually assess, we get to check that the majority employee’s leave organizations due to their managers or supervisors or leaders.

There are numerous articles concerning the topic “People leave managers not organizations”. there's an increasing interest during this topic.

Having worked over a decade in several organizations and being in hr profession, I actually have seen many staff resigning owing to this reason. however not several were interested to quote this reason in their exit interview. They either quote higher prospects or personal reasons. They share this reason only once careful assessment and providing trust that the feedback provided by them are going to be shared in a very positive approach. And also, I had a first-hand expertise with one among my corporations I worked for.

So, once I analyzed such supervisors or manager or leaders, the foremost common behaviors they possess are

Harassment and discrimination
Not respecting ideas
Insulting in front of others
Not recognizing achievements or accomplishments
Bad mouthing
Create confusion

When I further analyze such people, they exhibit these kind of behaviors because of one common reason i.e., they feel insecure of themselves. They are afraid of their team members surpassing them or feel threat of their team members.

What should organizations do to avoid such instances? each worker should be instructed and imbibed regarding the importance of every other employee within the organization. And this can not be exhausted an over-night. This needs to be cultivated right from the day one in all a brand new rent connexion within the organization. As an worker grows within the hierarchy, employee should be provided training and guidance from the leadership regarding importance of team members or each other employee, importance of respecting concepts, importance of recognizing achievements or accomplishments. All this may address produce a good relationship among managers or supervisors and their team members that ultimately leads to organizations achieving their business goals.

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