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Job Search Tips Based on Product Management Principles

In several organizations , including those that manufacture technology and consumer products , a product manager is mainly responsible for identifying new product possibilities and developing a roadmap for product creation and shipping and delivery . 

Even before launching the next procreation smartphone or gaming device , product administrators spend months evaluating the features of competitors’ merchandise , understanding the most up-to-date alternative technologies and identifying the features they desire to include in the new product or service . The goal is to design and style and launch a product that is definitely different and much better than current offerings so that it could compete in the market . 

As a job seeker you can be a “product” competing in the job marketplace , and you must prove you are different and better than other applicants . Here are some core product administration practices to help you enhance your job search and position your self as the best candidate . 

A/B Test 
Whenever product managers enhance a product , they typically provide you with a series of knowledgeable guesses about what is leading to a problem or what adjustments could improve the product . In order to decide whether a single element is the source of a problem or a point of possibility , they often run an A/B test . They produce two groups which are identical in every way except for a distinct attribute . They run the test after which compare the results . If the results are significantly different , they can summarize that the cause of the difference is the fact single attribute . They can then base decisions on this newfound knowledge . 

It’s a good idea to test as you tweak your job application or any other element of your work search process , from the types of roles you are trying to get to the different channels for submitting your current resume and even the outfits you wear on interviews . Note the differences in your time and energy and keep records of the respective discrepancies in outcomes to determine the best approaches for job search success . For example , develop several versions of your resume and note which version results in more interest from recruiters . Utilize this version or continue to make controlled adjustments until you finally have the best representation of your own talents as a candidate .

Quantitative research 
Associated with A/B testing is the need to accumulate and analyze data . An important initial step is to consider the metrics that matter to you . At Basically Hired , our product team looks deeply at characteristic and product upgrades which help job seekers find the right jobs quickly and easily . They monitor progress towards this aim via metrics such as return visits and improving click-through rates . 

Eventually your goal is to find a great new job . As you undergo the process , ask yourself , “What are the metrics that confirm that I will be headed in the right direction ?” They are most likely emails or phone calls from employers in response to resumes that you have provided as well as phone screens and also interviews with your desired employer . Monitor the outcomes of each of your efforts mentioning variations as if you are running A/B tests to recognize and repeat the things that are working right for you . 

Sample of a spreadsheet to utilize for tracking information : 

Qualitative analysis 
Exactly where quantitative research entails gathering a large volume of information for analysis , qualitative research involves getting deep insights , typically from customers by means of interviews . Without hearing directly from customers , you run the chance of misunderstanding data or inaccurately allocating causation . Conducting job interviews and allowing customers to speak individually offers useful information to complement and improve insights from data . 

Along with noting the success rates of your job search activities , seek out opinions from friends or experienced contacts to better have an understanding of ways that you can improve your “product .” Ask others to critique your resume . Participate in mock job interviews and ask for explicit opinions on your verbal responses and actual physical presence . While it may really feel embarrassing or humbling to ask for this guidance , ultimately it will yield helpful recommendations that you may not have considered knowing that can help you improve your performance whenever it counts .

Competitive Evaluation 
While designing new products , product or service managers think about the competitive landscape into which a product will enter . They consider competitors and their products , the placement of the products to customers and the pricing . Having this background allows the product manager to know what product they should create and how it may carry out when launched . Having this information also helps the product or service manager eliminate ideas for products that will not do well if launched , thus sparing the organization the time and resources involved in merchandise development . 

As employment seeker , you do not really exist in a vacuum . For any responsibility that you are pursuing , there are more candidates who are also enthusiastic about and possibly qualified for the position . You should carry out competitive analysis such as looking at LinkedIn profiles or talking to peers at business events to appreciate how others are positioning by themselves . Doing so may help you figure out how to best communicate your suitability as a candidate . It can also enable you to identify areas of improvement and also give understanding of the roles or industries places where you may struggle to be successful . For example , data scientists often have technical or quantitative qualification and advanced degrees . This is not to say that you should not undertake this type of role if your qualifications does not fit exactly , but knowing this gives you some insight into how you may well compete against other candidates and also may be a reason to consider other types of opportunities as well . 

The moment sufficient data has been gathered , it is the product manager’s responsibility to decide which projects needs to be prioritized ahead of others . With limited time as well as resources , a company must make tradeoffs and follow projects with high potential impact and also affordable cost of execution . 

As an employment seeker , you also have restricted resources—mainly time . After you have brainstormed and also gathered some experience on activities that might develop your success as a candidate , make sure to assess the relative impact of each and every activity as well as the degree of difficulty in completing each task . 

For example , sending email messages to college alumni working in your preferred field to set up information based interviews is a low-cost , high-impact human activity . Getting a graduate degree that is common in a field you want to insert is also something that can have an optimistic impact ; however , this is something which will require time to accomplish and has greater cost and therefore risk . It may be some thing you put in your own longer term plans for “product development ,” but it is probably not likely something you can finish quickly . 

Shifts in the industry and the introduction of new business competitors can make your products or your more competitive edge obsolete . As a candidate , keep in mind changes in your line of work , and be crucial of your strengths so that you don’t find yourself dropping behind the pack . Taking classes or even seminars or reading about advancements within your industry can help you sustain the competitiveness of your current “product .”

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