Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Things You Should Never Say to a Hiring Manager

An job interview is stressful . You need to say the right things to persuade the hiring manager you're the appropriate person for the job . But you also need to be sure your anxiousness doesn't get the best about you and cause you to say something you'll regret . Saying the wrong thing can cost you the possibility , no matter how skilled or experienced you are . 

Here are examples of what not to say to a hiring manager : 

No-no No . 1 : "My current boss is a jerk !" or "I left the organization because it was a rotten place to work ." 

Never badmouth an existing or former employer . Even if you have had genuine issues with a colleague , boss or business , don't air the dirty laundry in front of the person with whom you interview . Complaining about others will just make you appear bitter and irritated and could cause the hiring manager to wonder about your mindset if you were to be hired at his or her firm . Stick to neutral comments such as , "I am searching for a different work environment" or "My career goals have changed" in the event that you're pressed for details about your desire for a new position . 

No-no No . 2 : "How much holiday break time do I get ?" or "What's the reward structure like ?" 

Questions like these tell a prospective workplace one thing : You're more worried about the perks of the position than the job itself . It's OK to ask these queries if you have been through several job interviews and the hiring manager has expressed serious interest in hiring you . At that point , these types of questions allow you to make an informed final decision about whether or not you truly want the job . But until then , focus your efforts on what you can offer the company , not what it can offer you .

No-no No . 3 : "How considerably longer will this interview take ? I have another appointment in a little while ," or "Do you mind if I make a quick telephone call ?" 

An important part of the job interview is , of course , treating the hiring manager with value . Asking questions like these makes you seem rude , as if the job interview were something of an inconvenience for you . As an alternative , take pains to show how interested you are in the opportunity . Arrive to the interview on time -- or better yet , a few minutes early . Remain conscious throughout the meeting by taking notes and maintaining the right posture : Look the interviewer in the eye ; nod when you agree with or understand a place he or she is generating ; and avoid getting across your arms , tapping your feet or displaying other signs of impatience . If you choose have another scheduled appointment after the interview , leave a large enough window in case the meeting runs long or let the interviewer understand ahead of time . 

No-no No . 4 : "I don't want to have to work late ," or "I'd rather not learn PowerPoint ." 

You don't want an interviewer to observe you as inflexible , which is precisely how he or she will if you make phrases like these . Keep an open mind about a position that interests you , even if some aspects of it don't seem ideal . Other factors -- such as a higher-than-expected salary or the possibly to advance immediately -- could outweigh the need to work overtime on occasion , for instance . At the same time , don't overlook absolute deal-breakers . If you do not want to travel for work , no matter the circumstance , let the employer know the chance is not right for you as soon as you recognize that .

No-no No . 5 : "Fortunately , my bad habits of yours haven't caught up with me ," or "I am one social gathering animal ." 

While you want the appointing manager to be able to get a sense of your personality , you don't want him or her to know everything regarding you . When the hiring manager says , "Tell me about yourself ," use judgement and avoid the urge to over share . 

 strong people skills are among the most valuable qualities a job candidate can display when competing against another person with similar skills and experience . The first chance you get to show your strength in this area is during the interview , so think twice before you speak when meeting with an employer .

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