Friday, 4 July 2014

4 qualities that make you a great leader


After you have spent a decent number of years in the corporate world and gained the relevant expertise, you will be promoted to a very important role in an organisation -- that of a Team Leader.

And once you don this role, until you become the chairperson of a international company, this role can stick with you.

Whether you're leading a small two member team of coders or a multinational organisation, you're and will always be the Team Leader.

What are the credentials that'll cause you to a remarkable leader? notice out!

1. Technical competency
Whether you're planning a mobile application or crafting a brand new contract you must have in-depth demonstrable information regarding your domain.

If the team leader isn't technically competent, s/he can lose the respect of the team members in no time.

It may be coding, marketing, sales or communication skills -- whatever your organisation expects from your team or department.

2. Trustworthiness
As a frontrunner, you must be ready to command trust from your team members.

It's not a virtue that tags along side your title, but it's one thing you earn courtesy your actions and for the various beliefs you stand by.

Once you've got the trust of your team members, you will step by step have followers who believe you and also the work you are doing.

The day you lose the trust of your co-workers, you may stop to be a leader.

3. A caring perspective
Team members can simply establish themselves with a frontrunner who cares for their personal and skilled growth and flock to them for recommendation. 

It's like a glue that binds the leader to his/her team.

If the leader does not take interest in his team mates, {they can|they're going to|they'll} continue doing their job however will ne'er place their heart into it or shoot for for larger things.

4. Ambition
All people aim to chase their life goals and move up the career ladder.

Most of the time, individual aspirations are directly proportional to the ambition and growth of their respective leaders.

A good team leader ought to be bold and upward mobile.

If you're not bold, the team members can begin to lose interest and can eventually desert you and your team.

It is necessary to stay your team mates all charged up and inspire them to realize higher results.

Depending upon the experience level of the team leader, type of organisation and business, the quantitative relation of those qualities can vary.

But it's these very qualities which will cause you to stand aside from the gang.

Do you have these qualities in you?

If affirmative congratulations! Nurture them. If not, please acquire them.

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