Sunday, 27 July 2014

5 ways to deal with fighting team members

Supervisors often discover unpleasant scenarios , in which they find team members locking horns . In these kinds of cases , is it best for him or her to not interfere , or even does that seem apathetic ? 
Experts recommends five ways to deal with team members who are having a fight . 

Seize preventive measures 
'Don't create cause for confrontation of interest . Give people clearly described KRAs and deliverables , and make sure there are no overlaps of roles , to ensure that people are not stepping on each other's toes , encroaching on each one other's space . 

Get to the origin of the problem 
Occasionally a fight is nothing but a simple misconception . Speak to the team members separately , and even to peers , to know what the issue is . If it is a simple misconception , it can be very easily resolved if you just explain to them separately , and get them to reconcile. 

If however , somebody is being unreasonable , and there is your own cause for the fight , sorting it out can be significantly trickier . 

Persuade them to work out the problem 
Facilitate an communication where they can sit together , and also thrash out the issue . 'If they can't sort it taken out amongst themselves , get external help , counsellors , conflict resolution specialists , workshops , etc

Approach without bias 
Occasionally , managers favour one employee over the other . If that is definitely the case , it is going to only make things even worse . Keep your bias away in resolving conflicts . 

However this does not mean that you don't act upon it , in order to appear unbiased . 'How you achieve this is as simple as ensuring that both parties are compensated or punished equally 

Separate the two 
This really is a good old trick that many have seen even at school . 'This is the ultimate possibility . If they are good quality performers , and you don't would like to lose them , segregate them . Chemistry is a very real thing , and  sometimes , it's just not in your control

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