Monday, 8 September 2014

What Makes You Unique

Exactly why do you need to know what makes you different ? 

We noticed a great quote recently : The trouble with following the herd is you end up wading by way of all the crap they left behind . 

A lot of people want to be excellent in their field . However , most are just out…standing in the field , taking walks through all the crap . 

The herd mentality comes to us obviously . As we developed – heading from puberty to adolescence , the wish to “fit in” kicks into overdrive . 

We don’t want to be completely different . We don’t aspire to look different . We don’t wish to stand out . We would like to be part of the herd . 

Which in turn worked all right for quite some time . It helped us discover and develop our social networking – not in the Facebook or LinkedIn perception – but in terms of human connection . 

However the world changed… 

Globalization . The Great Economic depression . The social web . Anyone of these forces on its own might have been disruptive . Combined , they have already been like the perfect storm . 

Now , we reside in a crowded and cluttered world . These days , NOT standing out is the #1 reason for failure . 

It’s time for you to ask some challenging questions . 
Mentioned crudely , if you’re just like everybody else : 

Why really should anyone employ you , be it an employer or a customer , rather than someone else ? Nobody really wants to be treated like a number . However so many people position by themselves as just a number , among the .In cases like this , couldn’t a prospective workplace or customer just throw darts at a board to render their choice ? 
Why really should they keep you on their payroll or continue doing business with you ? Many people turn themselves into commodities . Therefore you know what happens with commodities ? Decision-makers gravitate to the most affordable source of supply .What’s the net result ? Most people are simply happy to keep their job , to keep their customers . Regardless that they aren’t making the money they deserve , they don’t observe any alternatives other than to simply keep grinding it out . 
yet there is a answer an answer

Today , developing your brand name is no longer an opportunity , be it your personal brand or even your business brand . Entrepreneurs need both . 

It begins by discovering how exclusive you are : 
You had been put on this earth to do something BIGG . You remain right here because your mission isn’t yet complete . 

What Might Make You Unique #1 : Your Hereditary Make-Up 

Certainly no other person in the world possesses the exact same code as you . For each and every inherent disadvantage , you were presented a greater and more significant advantage . You , and merely you , have a unique talent to share . 

What Might Make You Unique #2 : Your Set of Experiences 

Certainly no other human being has seen everything you have seen , noticed everything you have heard , touched whatever you have touched , smelled everything you have smelled , or even tasted everything you have tasted . Some of your own experiences have made you unhappy . Other people have brought joy . You , and also only you , can draw upon these personal experiences . 

What Might Make You Unique #3 : Your Point-of-View 

No other person in the world really thinks about things exactly like you . They can’t ! You are required to test your perceptions against objective reality . You , and merely you , form your opinions and these thoughts can change the world if you select . 

You , and also only you , can accomplish that one thing that you are right here to accomplish . We’re all counting on someone to do it !

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