Friday, 31 October 2014

Few Ways to Make Mondays Better

I don’t usually hate Mondays , however I do have to acknowledge that it’s my most un favorite day of the week . Getting back to the 6 a .m . alarm , stumbling around when i try to wake up , yawning abundantly ; none of these things are enjoyable to me . And prior to deciding to tell me to get extra sleep , allow me to please inform the target audience that even after the full night of sleep I continue to feel like a loss of life on Monday morning . 

Odds are you’ve also felt very similar to that on a Monday . Therefore while catching a quick nap at the workplace would be amazing , it’s most likely not going to happen . Rather , try one of these ten suggestions to make your Monday a touch much more acceptable 

1 . Render a playlist with Monday songs . There are numerous songs with the expression “Monday” in the title . Attempt “Manic Monday” by the Bangles or “Monday , Monday” by the Mamas along with the Papas . At the very least , celebrate that this day has not been slaughtered by Rebecca Black. 

2 . Inform that stuck up cubicle neighbor almost all the cool stuff you actually did this weekend . Didn’t do anything cool ? Act like you did . 

3 . Try to Play some trashy upbeat music on the way to work .

4 . Absolutely nothing breaks the Monday monotony similar to looking at hilarious clip art or some comedy video clips

5 . Treat yourself to an additional candy bar . In the event that you’re dieting , let Monday be your splurge day . 

6 . CAFFEINE . There’s absolutely no shame in an additional latte . If a flavored cup of coffee isn’t your thing , have a great time at another mug of environmentally friendly green tea or black tea . Consuming anything that’s cooler or even hotter as compared to room temperature will certainly snap you out of the doldrums . 

7 . Emerge from the building and also take a walk during your lunch . Absolutely nothing helps the Monday blues similar to some vitamin D-rich sunlight . Training also pumps up your endorphins and provides you with a chance to either vent your own frustration or ultimately wake up . If you can’t pull yourself away for getting that long ( or if perhaps it’s too cold ) , then simply just take a quick pop outside to fill up your lungs with certain fresh air . 

8. do eat breakfast . Seriously . Don’t be that person that’s trying to lose two pounds . Just simply eat the Egg McMuffin . I don’t need to inform you how valuable morning meal is , especially when needing to focus on making it through Monday . 

9 . Anticipate something that you could only get once Monday is over . It may be a Kit Kat , happy hour , or even next Friday . Just create a psychological objective for yourself .

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