Thursday, 27 March 2014

Effectiveness of Job Fairs in Recruiting

In the day of on-line job looking, the job fairs looks simply old-fashioned. But whether we accept or not they’ve gone out of fashion, there are advantages too.
The private recruiting  companies which participate in huge number in  job fairs make lot of things possible. 

Here are some tips advantages of attending job fairs.

1) Correct time for job fairs
Although job seekers look for fairs all year, there are times once interest peaks. User interest in job fairs is highest in october and lowest in December and January. As you'll be able to see from the graph below, job seeker interest begins to peak before job honest listings. A savvy recruiter may need to begin their job fairs earlier.


2) Correct location for job fairs 
Looking at the recognition of job fair searches throughout the U.S., there's a larger concentration of interest within the South. Of the highest ten cities wherever searches for “job fairs” were created, 9 were within the South. The lone outlier, Phoenix, was within the West.

3) Grasp the task seeker audience 
Although job fairs are often used to recruit for several occupations, staff in some fields are additional fascinated by job fairs than others. Job seekers who hunted for job fairs conjointly explore for jobs within the fields of sales, business and money operations and community and social services.

4) Individuals longing for job fairs have a targeted search
Job seekers longing for job fairs tend to understand what they need. Job fair searchers are 26 p.c additional targeted than a job seeker not longing for job fairs. a job seeker attending to the difficulty of finding a job honest and attending one includes a pretty good plan of what they need.

5) Probability to speak to alternative recruiters and decide the market
Some of the largest firms attend job fairs. Attending employment fair to ascertain however competitors are recruiting are often helpful. this can conjointly provide you with a concept of who is hiring for what positions and that firms are generating plenty of interest.

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