Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Employers Give Good References for Fired Employees- Know why

Reasons Employers Give Good References for Fired Employees 

They do this because:

They don’t wish you to sue them.
They want you to get a replacement job. They feel guilty concerning letting you go and know that you just are an honest fit in a unique organization.

People are additional loyal to folks they know than folks they don’t know. They know you. Hopefully they don’t apprehend your prospective leader.

If you’re reading this as a result of you’re disturbed concerning obtaining pink-slipped, your odds of an honest reference can be higher than you think that. Your boss would possibly even offer you an honest reference simply to assist you progress on. I’ve seen it done.

I’ve conjointly seen a senior executive suggest a pink-slipped worker to a different company. The position was a better level job. The one that got pink-slipped terminated up fitting in, doing an excellent job, and creating more cash than the one that pink-slipped them. obtaining pink-slipped, smart luck or dangerous luck? who knows?

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