Monday, 3 March 2014

First impression - Here is how to make one

Our bodies begin communicating before our words do.

Some of the non-verbal cues your body and face offer will create or break a scenario for you.

Here area unit five tips to make a right impression even before you are taking a seat in an exceedingly space.

1. Enter room like its our own

Whether you're coming into AN interview space, your boss's workplace or a board space,  the first part of your first impression is your entry 

Open the door with confidence, do not peek hesitatingly and so enter. it's awkward.

Walk straight, do not slouch.

Make eye contact with individuals within the space and smile.

If you're clumsy or hot and bothered whereas coming into, it shows AN inability to adapt quickly to new surroundings.

Don't feel intimidated or nervous if you see a lot of individuals than expected or if the gender proportion isn't in your favour.

If you're feeling uncomfortable, there area unit terribly high probabilities your visual communication is sending those signals too.

Enter sort of a lion enters her den -- composed, assured and feeling reception.

2- A smile 

signals that you are genuinely glad to be where you are and see/meet the person.

It gives an amiable touch to your personality.

Being expressionless shows disinterest or that you are preoccupied.

A sad, frowned or nervous face is even worse.

It creates a negative image of you in people's mind that is very difficult to erase.

Your words can't convince somebody that you are a pleasant and friendly person, your smile has to do the job.

3. Eye contact but ensure not to stare

Don't retreat from wanting directly into people's eyes.

Make eye contact once you greet someone and maintain a healthy one throughout conversations.

It shows that you simply square measure attentive and fascinated by the speech communication.

Looking away and particularly wanting down means that you're not assured enough regarding yourself.

Don't look from the corner of the attention. do not stare or glare too.

4. Leave an impression with your handshake

Women have weaker palms than men, however that is no excuse for a nasty handshaking.

It is not a tug of war however a game of technique.

Firstly, keep in mind that it's known as a handshaking for a reason, and not a 'fingershake'.

Secondly, think about keeping your palm and fingers robust after you shake somebody's hand.

And lastly, you wish firm (not jerky) articulatio radiocarpea action.

Don't simply hold hands or leave yours fully management of the opposite person.

A firm handshaking asserts that you simply see yourself as associate degree equal. it's a matter of manners too.

Carry limited things 

Only carry what you need in your hands, leave everything else at a safe place.

Having too many things or heavy things in your hands makes you look clumsy and uncomfortable.

They also make you look unprepared.

If your hands are too occupied, you may miss a handshake or run the risk of things falling off your hand.

Both situations are awkward and you must be wary of them.

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