Friday, 21 March 2014

Three Habits of Bad Boss

If you’re a manager and one in all the subsequent 3 descriptions sound like one thing you are doing on an everyday basis, then you will have to be compelled to look for help -

1. You’re a micromanager – you create certain to check everything. You actually wouldn’t desire a task to be donethe incorrect method. And, of course, you’ll have to be compelled to redo a part of it or at the terribly least tweak it as a result of it actually won’t be done the method it ought to are. undoubtedly imply to youremployees however the result's such a lot higher together with your additions and input. Don’t forget that you just should second guess each single issue your employees will. As a matter of truth, it'd most likely be best if you hover over them each fifteen minutes and confirm you be part of them at each meeting they attend thus things get done the proper method.

2. You don’t communicate an excessive amount of — nobody on your team extremely must apprehend something till the time is true. thus hold everything back till the instant to confirm nothing moves forward while not your wise counsel. Keeping everybody within the dark concerning what’s happening within the remainder of the corporate and concerning who is doing what on the team. That method they’ll would like you additional (of course!) to realize their goals.

3. you have got conferences for the fun of it — You decision a conferences many times every week and create it some extent to point out up late thus most are within the space by the time you get there. You don’t trouble with an agenda or meeting purpose — those things area unit method too time overwhelming — simply shoot from the hip and take as long as you wish. you create positive you are doing most of the talking too.

If you apply one or additional of those habits, you must raise the parents reportage to you the way you’re doing as a manager. Asking them for feedback will assist you perceive wherever you wish to enhance as a pacesetter on the far side the 3 things on this list. It additionally offers them an opportunity to vent overtly, instead of internalise frustrations or speak behind your back. Before you solicit feedback, confirm you’re mentally ready to receive constructive criticism.

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