Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Increase Employee Happiness and Productivity

Good managers know that happy employees are loyal, productive employees. Below are seven areas to improve employee satisfaction.

1. Develop a feedback loop
Asking and taking note of staff concerning what's going well and what isn’t going thus well is thus vital to creating them feel heard. If they don’t feel heard, they stop believing they matter.
Creating an easy feedback loop is that the good place to begin.

The queries, complaints, ideas, and appreciation had to be constructive, that meant no foul language, name-calling or inform fingers. notwithstanding an worker had a criticism they'll raise it

2. Leverage Your powers
You presumably have superpowers that aren’t being totally used at work. we tend to all have passions, focus and strengths that aren’t used to our full potential. we tend to get caught in treading water rather than striving for excellence.

How may you carve out time to leverage your superpowers for simply half-hour each day?
Let’s say writing is one amongst your superpowers, however you're within the accounting department. What project is very important to the company that you just contribute to along with your writing skills?

You need to check out if your potential land may be a sensible acceptable your company’s wants. once you will get a much better understanding of what your company wants and the way you'll facilitate meet that require using your superpowers, then you'll produce a win-win relationship.
The additional win-win eventualities you'll produce in your career, the more booming you may be and also the additional leverage you may produce, which implies having the ability to {choose} and choose the comes you would like to figure on more typically.

3. Share Their Vision with You
Managers typically have a decent plan of wherever they need their department to travel, however they typically don’t communicate it adequately to their employees. a decent manager lays out the goals for the year, keeps track of however close the team gets to reaching them or extraordinary them, and helps folks perceive what's expected of them on a frequent basis.

Vision is very important as a result of your manager may be a leader, not solely a project leader, however an emotional leader as well. If they can’t assist you and also the whole team understand wherever they need the ship to go and why, nobody can wish to support their concepts.
If you would like to assist your team and your manager is receptive it, the most effective place to start out is to assist your manager perceive why they are doing what they are doing, facilitate them map an idea for ensuing three, 6, and twelve months, and begin to outline what it'll fancy reach tho goals.

4.Develop Emotional Connections Through Their Core Values
Employees conjointly like following managers that have strong core values as a result of the staff perceive why the managers build the selections they are doing. the staff may not continually agree, however a minimum of they recognize why a call was created.

For example, who wouldn’t wish to figure laborious for a manager whose core value is fairness. once folks are evaluated supported the results they generate rather than favoritism or favoritism or previous relationship, it makes operating laborious way more gratifying.

If you would like your manager {to facilitate|to assist} your team explore core values which will help the team gel along, the most effective place to start out is to raise an issue concerning core values in an exceedingly meeting. If you'll come back up with core values as a gaggle, it is quite an thrust for the team.

5. justify the Expectations you have got for Them
One of the most important complaints staff have for his or her managers is that the lack of clear expectations. A manager that produces communication a priority and explains what they expect from his or her staff. helps an worker perceive his or her role at work, and that they recognize what's a part of their work and what isn’t.

If you're unclear of what's expected of you at work, I counsel asking your manager for additional specifics. This spoken communication is troublesome, however it’s higher than the choice of hoping that you just are performing on the correct tasks and comes.

6. Include staff on Goals

You’ve most likely detected stories concerning managers that permit their staff to produce input on what their goals are for the year. this can be a robust manoeuvre to develop additional personal responsibility in team members. i.e. once employees facilitate produce their goals for achievement, they feel suffered for reaching those goals.

The secret's to create this a cooperative relationship. You and your manager ought to come into being the standards of wherever you would like to be in twelve months, then discuss however you'll get there.

If you have got a transparent goal, you'll define what this arrange can seem like on a weekly or monthly basis. Having a reciprocally prescribed arrange between you and your manager is far more empowering for you rather than simply being told what's expected of you.

7. Gather the Team along to Bond
A good manager makes time for the team to bond so as to achieve its goals. If there aren't any emotional connections, then there's less cooperation and communication.

Teamwork is crucial for a team to achieve its goals, thus what activities will your team ought to gather and bond, and the way will your manager foster even additional team interaction?

A good manager might even have a team meeting each month and encourage folks to debate what's operating and what's not. you'll obtain lunch and have an off-the-cuff discussion of the team standing. A manager might even invite folks resolute time of day then pay the primary a pair of rounds of drinks per person then kick off as a result of they need the team to bond with one another. they're those that require to figure along to confirm the success of the team goals.

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