Thursday, 13 March 2014

Good Leader Vs Bad HR Leader. How to Identify

Good Leader Vs Bad HR Leader.

Usually it is not that difficult to identify who is who. Here are some important examples that will certainly help every on e to identify a good manager and to spot a bad one too.

Some examples:
Good product managers take written positions on important issues (competitive silver bullets, tough architectural choices, tough product decisions, markets to attack or yield).

Bad product managers voice their opinion verbally and lament that the "powers that be" won't let it happen. Once bad product managers fail, they point out that they predicted they would fail.

Good product managers focus the team on revenue and customers.

Bad product managers focus team on how many features Microsoft is building.

Good product managers define good products that can be executed with a strong effort.

Bad product managers define good products that can't be executed or let engineering build whatever they want (i.e. solve the hardest problem).

Good product managers act like and are viewed as the CEO of the product.

Bad product managers see themselves as resources. Just replace "product manager" with "HR Leader".

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