Friday, 6 June 2014

3 tough questions that candidates should prepare for

Candidates with 2 to four years experience are a lot of in demand these days. However, corporates are very cautious and selective once it involves hiring as they give the impression of being for skilled personnel who can deliver from day one and stay for long.

With the result the selection process is hard. Here is what the employers expect from a candidate once faced with powerful questions

Q1-You have changed jobs usually. what is going to cause you to stay with us?

“This may be a commonly asked question in IT- “Candidates need to realize it may be a real concern, and saying `not challenging enough’ isn't the solution prospective employers seek for. an improved possibility would be to state the type of work done, skills learned and thereby `I will contribute more to this environment’ may be a better answer.”

several IT companies suggests a very forth right approach. “A married man with a loan or a toddler on the manner is taken into account an improved bet these days. thus I powerfully suggest saying why the candidate is curious about stability now as compared to the past.’’

Close on the heels of this can be a rather changed question: you have changed careers, what causes you to think you're ready for this industry?

A smart answer would be to mention “yes I actually have switched careers, however with that I actually have gained numerous skills and talk about the talents and the way the current organisation would gain from them

Q 2-Tell me One factor you'd prefer to change regarding Your Last Job

This according to consultants is that the question candidates should be cautious of. “Disparaging comments about former co-workers and managers may be a definite no-no. At the same time the candidate has to be ready to vocalise pain-points.

It is best to be ready with a line that doesn't criticise anyone or the organisation however merely states a method that has to be tweaked to a small degree

Q 3-What is your biggest weakness?

HR specialists recommend a distinct approach to the current question: “It is alright to speak concerning your weakness, what's necessary is what steps you took to get around it, so it’s not a hindrance to others,So once speech communication, ‘I tend to urge impatient’ it's way smarter to target however you warned your team members concerning it and asked them to lift a red-flag to create you alert to it.”

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