Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Reasons You Don’t Sound Like a Leader

If you’ve worked really hard and have already been rewarded with a leadership role , congrats . 
Now , each and every time you open your mouth you can encourage , inspire , influence and coach others . 

Absolutely no pressure , right ? 

It may be little to believe that your words and phrases now will have much more power . But on the negative aspect , you also face the risk of undermining your self if you don’t learn how to talk like a leader . Without the right words at the ideal time , your leadership track may be a very short one

One of the recommendations to emerge as a more effective leader is to observe how other people react to what you say . For instance , do you feel you’re not really being “heard ?” Do you really hear that employees are finding you unpleasant and insulting ? Or even clients report finding you arrogant ? 

Any of these typical reactions is a sign that your communication needs to be more controlled . Let’s examine the mistakes you’re making that negatively affect your leadership effectiveness . 

Dishonesty . One important thing you’ll quickly discover as a leader is that there are a few things you are told not to consult with employees – and the employees will do their best to get you to inform them . Don’t lie to employees when they begin to probe – just simply tell them that it’s some thing you cannot disclose and change the topic . It’s especially beneficial that you don’t let your guard down at something such as a cocktail event where you admit , “Yeah , we never should have hired that guy .” 

Regularly using words such as “awesome ,” “amazing ,” “unbelievable” and also “incredible” can leave you with little to say when something truly needs to be acknowledged . 

Avoid making use of terms like “kind of” or “sorta” or anything that may express you’re not sure of what you’re pointing out . Be particular when making statements as employees need leaders who display determination and confidance . 

Saying , “I absolutely adore your work , but I believe you can easily make some improvements ,” is an example of a communication that an employee may misinterpret as “All your work sucks .” It’s better to be unique when citing what you like , and what you don’t like . Then the employee has a clear communication about what needs to be enhanced

In the event that you’re using lots of jargon then you can immediately alienate a listener . A client may discover it as unfriendly , even while an employee may be puzzled or intimidated . The outcome is that your communication is not well-received and you’ve wasted everyone’s precious time with weak communications . 

Nothing displays better on a leader than treating others with respect , by doing basic things like saying “please” and “thank you .” If you tend to cut people off – even if it’s because you’re passionate – it can be seen as arrogant and rude . Let somebody finish a statement before including your thoughts . Many leaders have won over employees by simply being polite 

New York University researchers maintain that we make eleven main judgments regarding one another in the first seven seconds of a meeting . Always be well prepared with a strong starting statement for your team , and then follow it with concise information . 

Don’t start examining your email when an employee is trying to talk to you , or be glancing at your smartphone while in a meeting . When you’re a leader , employees will be observing your non-verbal commands . Checking your watch when a worker gives a report informs her that you don’t consider her really important . 

Your voice must carry clearly to a listener . If a worker or customer begins leaning in to hear you , then you need to up the volume . If they’re asking you constantly replicate what you say it could be that you have a negative habit of muttering or mumbling . Investing in a voice mentor to develop a confident and also clear tone can be a good investment decision in your career .

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