Friday, 13 June 2014

Learn how to Survive a Bad Performance Review

The unimaginable has happened. you simply met with your boss and received a nasty performance review. whereas your initial instinct may be to respond in anger or become defensive, your best approach is to stay calm. you'll be able to survive – and thrive, when a bad performance review. Here are some ways to use instantly which will flip a bad scenario – into a chance.

Before you follow–up with anyone, ensure you understand your company’s performance review policy. Some firms have rating systems that they need all managers follow. This scoring system might mean that the rating you received, while less than your expectations, might if truth be told be in line with company performance metrics. maybe your review, upon second look, isn’t as dire as you initially assumed. If you're unsure concerning the performance review policy, follow–up with human resources or your manager, and request any clarification on the company’s rating system.

As objectively as attainable, re–assess your performance rating once more. whereas your 1st instinct could also be to specialise in bad comments only, temper that need by observing all the comments and feedback you received. Parcel the nice comments from the bad and objectively think about your boss’ assessment of your performance. are there areas that objectively, upon more review, you'll be able to improve? are there any problems that you just would really like to review once more together with your manager?

Post–review elicit a follow–up meeting together with your boss. this is often a chance to debate any comments that you just received in more detail and elicit more clarification. this is often a time once emotions are put on the back–burner and any follow–up comments ar targeted on facts alone. don't become defensive.

Request that you just work along with your manager to develop an action set up for improvement. this is often a chance to point out your manager that you just perceive the comments that were addressed , and square measure willing to figure towards improvement. Any manager are going to be over happy to figure with an employee who is willing to place within the further effort to boost their performance.

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