Monday, 16 June 2014

Transparent Communication why it is important

One area I wished to specialize in above all is that the importance of open and clear communication. Poor communication not only hurts collaboration and execution among an organization, but it invariably expresses itself externally — from sales to customer service to an organization’s relationship with their partners.

Improving how we tend to communicate and work together across the business has been one of my priorities since connection hp. the subsequent ar some of the changes we've worked to drive across our organization which are relevant to any company operating today.

Start small

When I arrived at a new organization, I found the company was divided into silos. These divisions cut across geographic and business teams, but were notably prevailing between management and staff.

Nothing symbolized this disconnect more than our govt offices and what I termed as the “commando fence” – an over-sized fence outfitted in barbed wire close our govt car parking zone. The walled offices and military-style fence described simply however so much the Organization had departed from the culture of the company’s founders.

One of the primary things I did was take down the fence and move all of our executives into cubicles. we now use the same door because the rest of our staff. This was symbolic of the sort of culture that we wished to make. And in organizations as massive as ours, symbolism really matters. What you communicate by your actions – the items that ar visible to 320,000 individuals – makes a true distinction.

Communicate the matter, but concentrate on solutions

While we are creating progress in my plan to flip around, it’s simple that the company emerged from a difficult series of years. Since joining we have a tendency to created it some extent to handle this head-on with our customers, employees, investors and partners. This includes identification the issues, but, additional significantly, parturition out clear plans for a way we have a tendency to going to attending to improve.

Empower your individuals

You can improve your company’s infrastructure and roll out multiple plans from headquarters, but you won’t make progress unless you win the hearts and minds of your people. It’s crucial that people connect with the set up and are authorized to drive change out in the sphere.

For instance, for the first time, we invested in delivery along all of our vice presidents and country managing directors in person. we focused on their roles as leaders, our strategy and key company-wide initiatives. we created an setting wherever we may discuss tough issues and work together to find solutions to fix them.

Not shying away from tough problems, and increasing levels of communication in the least levels of the business, is crucial to ensuring that we will drive our strategy and operate as one, unified company.

Transparency in consistency

For any company to achieve success nowadays, it should make sure that all of the organization’s stakeholders – from staff, to customers, to investors – have a transparent line of sight into the company’s strategy and performance, smart or bad.All of the changes on top of will facilitate strengthen a company’s culture and relationships with its stakeholders, however my recommendation to different senior leaders is that improving communication ultimately comes all the way down to whether or not staff in the least levels are engaged and delivering on their commitments. I try to reinforce this with my team a day. I tell them to steer around and visit their folks. Stop the emails and start lecture your teams. simply belongings folks understand that you’re aware of the challenges, attentive to the problems and actively managing them matters. At the tip of the day, improving communication could be a continuous process that depends on individual action – new company initiatives and tools can solely get you to date.

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