Friday, 27 June 2014

Top skills that can get you employed in no quick time

With the installation of the new government at the Centre, hopes of a speedy economic revival have led to expectations that employment will get a boost, especially in sectors such as infrastructure, manufacturing and defence. Experts caution, though, that the coming boom will benefit only those who possess the relevant skills.

Business intelligence and data analytics skills
A data scientist, or someone with expertise in analytics, commands an annual salary of Rs 15-20 lakh after an experience of 2-3 years.

Some of these guys make as much as highly successful lawyers and doctors, and they would rank number one in terms of skills demand

IT, software development and e-commerce
Technology and digital marketing-related skills are in huge demand as e-commerce companies have got big-ticket investments
E-commerce jobs, according to him, may see a growth of 18-20% in 2014 compared with the previous year. Domestic consumption of technology, especially in mobile telephony, is on the rise

Project management and civil engineering for heavy industries
Owing to the government's focus on infrastructure and power, project managers with experience or certification in these sectors will be in high demand.

This will also help people with expertise in urban planning, civil engineering, water resource management, etc. The power sector may also seek in large numbers piping engineers, lead engineers, unit control engineers, safety engineers and utility engineers, besides people with experience in desk operations or field operations, or as site in-charge or shift in-charge.

Sales and marketing skills
Sales and marketing skills are likely to be in demand across sectors, but particularly in consumer goods and financial services. Sales will assume great importance if the general positive sentiment converts to tangible growth. This will be across levels of the function, but with higher requirement in the lower rungs.

Banking, accounting and finance
This sector has been slow in hiring, but with two new banking licences already issued by the Reserve Bank of India, and more in the pipeline, bankers will be in high demand in roles including relationship managers, branch managers, investment bankers, certified accountants as well as junior staff.

Customer servicing and people management
We can expect to see an increase in demand for customer representatives and human resource professionals across industries as companies try to capitalise on the improving economic climate,With the expected surge in hiring, those with a combined proficiency in managing people, business partnering and facing clients are likely to be in high demand. According to a report by Teamlease, a large number of opportunities may arise in education for programme coordinators, admissions representatives, teachers and faculty, assistant professors and student service advisors. Besides, R&D professionals will be needed in health care, chemicals, automobiles and manufacturing sectors.

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