Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Best Networking Question

Best Networking Question

The best question we are able to raise as a networker is “How can i help you?” generally the solution is apparent, however different times we hunt for ways in which to help our network. Here’s an inventory of some ways in which to support and enhance relationships:

Connect them to someone else that would be mutually beneficial
Send them ideas and leads for career or business opportunities
Refer someone to them as a potential client
Help your contact’s child or friend solve a problem or pursue an opportunity
Send an article or blog post of interest
Photograph or video and share
Ask if you can help them brainstorm an idea; solve a problem or provide honest feedback
Tweet for them while they are speaking
Attend an event where they are a sponsor or speaker
Support their charity
Follow them and their company on all social media channels
Recommend or endorse them on LinkedIn
Retweet or write about them in a blog post or article
Offer to teach them something you are great at

Most importantly, ask your contact “how can I help you?” The answers can be surprising, but you will want to ask this question.

The old fashioned view of networking being about passing around dozens of cards in search of a job or a sale. This image couldn’t be further from the truth for the best networkers. Today’s top networkers are interested in expanding their contacts and then finding the valuable win-win relationships. A one way relationship is not sustainable. 

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