Tuesday, 29 April 2014

How to make sure that your Best staff stick with you

Get ready to say good-bye to a number of your best talented employees this year.According to new survey workers are unhappier than ever that that would result result in a “sudden spike” in turnover as soon as the job market improves.

The survey finds that 46% of staff reported that within the last year they've felt “stuck” in their jobs and have an unsuccessful but a strong desire to go for the exit. additionally, 90% say they’re less committed, are less productive and are less willing to “go the additional mile” or “contribute their best concepts and taught,” 

One of the biggest pain areas as mentioned by employees -  Being required to try and do a lot of work with less support and resources. They additionally complain regarding pay and benefits.

To make matters worse, the analysis finds that those polled aren't the the worst performers, which suggests that it’s not reaching to be the bottom-feeders who leave.

So, if you actually don’t need to conduct exit interviews together with your best performers within the close future, then it’s time to take action and begin doing “stay” interviews.

A stay interview is a process where you sit down and do one-on-one with key staff members and allow them to tell you what it'll do to make them stay with the organization for a longer period.

In different words, a stay interview enables you to conclude what's going right and what's going wrong before you discover similar things during the exit interview.

You will observe that “Most of the staff members  are excited just by the very fact that the organization is concerned regarding their and about their future.( which their manager took the time to discuss with them)

if you’re unsure about conducting the stay interview then calculate “the calculable negative dollar business impact if they departed, along side the likelihood of them doing thus within the next twelve months.

some stay interview queries that managers can raise

What makes you to jump out of bed in regards to your current  job role and responsibilities?

What is there in your job that creates a desire in you to hit the snooze button? 

What are you most passionate about?

Tell me about your dream job?

What are your preference regarding job role change?

What is required to perform well work?

Tell me about some thing you would change about your work, your role and your responsibilities? 

identifying potential “triggers” that may prompt an employee to go away. for example, Ask an employee: 

what are the top reasons that will force you to leave ?

Did you ever felt frustrated or anxious because of your current role or responsibilities ? What contributed the most to that stress? What effort did you make to eliminate that stress ? 

Do analyse the reason due to which other employees left. Do ask yourself if any of their reasons made sense to you? and Why

Explain the reason because of which you left your previous jobs

In order to make positive changes before conducting stay interviews And the information related to changes should be shared with the employees 

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