Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Reasons that will fail you in an interview

If you're thinking that 'you lack experience' may be a silly reason to be rejected, you're wrong.

Lack of experience is really a powerful reason for rejection and you can't count that against anyone.

If lack of expertise was the explanation why you could not create the cut you ought to rejoice as a result of there are several others who are rejected for laughably silly reasons and a few of them are rejected despite having expertise.

While you can't avoid being rejected for a number of reasons like lack of expertise and qualification needed for a specific job, there ar different reasons that you just will work on.

Listed below are 5 of the silliest reasons to get rejected:

1. Being badly dressed

The first impression of a prospective candidate is typically supported however s/he presents herself/himself.

Your hair ought to be neat and your clothing should be professional.

Wrinkled shirts, wear with stains, not bothering to comb your hair, and/or not sharpening your shoes are a number of the worst stuff you may do for yourself.

You are aiming to meet a potential employer, not an acquaintance.

Be serious within the manner you dress to an interview.

2. a ridiculous e-mail ID,,


Are these the e-mail IDs you'd give to your potential employers to contact you?

Bad e-mail IDs are among the silliest and among the foremost common reasons why employers reject candidates.

Organisations positively don't desire to hire somebody who expects to be contacted at

Employers seek for serious candidates who have a professional e-mail address.

If you do not have an expert e-mail yet, create one with your complete name.

If it's already taken you will add an underscore, full stop, or a number at the tip of your name, however using ridiculous email IDs can count negatively for you.

3. A badly written CV

ou will ne'er understand the gravity of excellent descriptive linguistics and error-free CV till you're rejected on those grounds.

Most employers get annoyed once they see silly spelling errors, typos, and grammatical mistakes in a resume.

This is as a result of it shows the applicant's carelessness and it's very unprofessional .

Even if you have got good expertise, fashioning a bad CV can work against you.

Alongside, silly fonts, long paragraphs, writing an excessive amount of regarding yourself, and not that specialize in the work can cause employers to reject you.

4. Lack of analysis

There are several candidates who merely attend interviews while not even knowing what the work entails or that domain the company works in.

The interviewer will certainly ask you questions on the company and after you fail to answer or simply provide general answers, it'll show that you just aren't serious regarding it and you're probably applying to every job opening that you just notice.

Employers do not really need to hire candidates who are not motivated to particularly work for them as a result of such candidates lack enthusiasm and passion.

5. Confidence issues

There are people who lack confidence and there are people who think about in excess. each are unhealthy for you.

Lack of confidence shows that you just doubt your own skills.

It conjointly directly relates to lack of people skills and communication skills, that may be a immense disadvantage in today's world.

At an equivalent time, being overconfident portrays you as pompous and somebody who thinks an excessive amount of regarding themselves.

No one likes such a candidate.

Avoid being assertive and proud whereas respondent queries within the interview.

Don't attempt asking too several queries unless you're specifically inspired to try and do therefore.

Don't create it seem to be you're the querier.

It is extremely suggested that you just create an excellent 1st impression and be polite in a very prospective employment interview.

But before that, tailor your CV according to the work description and research the corporate well.

In your interview, be positive but not overconfident.

Taking care of such things can mechanically increase your probabilities of being accepted. Good luck!

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