Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Worst Excuse: "I've Been Busy and the workaround

The default.

The retreat.

The second-nature factor to mention, as a result of everybody else says it.

“I’ve been extremely busy.”

And you have got to place the stress on the word “so” busy.

It’s the worst excuse in the whole world (Even if you are honest about your situation it is still considered as an excuse).

Yet we all say it. Mostly with pride 

Guess what?

We’re all busy.

We all have things to try and do.

So How does one get out of the “saying I’m busy” conundrum? Here is the answer

You consciously need to trust something else.

You have to only take away it from your thinking after you talk over with individuals.

You have to resist the temptation.

In the pure mathematics of labor and life, the “busy” factor is that the constant.

Oh, and once you begin to not say, “I’ve been extremely busy,” you'll simply figure some things out.

Like crucial what causes you to be extremely busy within the 1st place.

This isn’t to mention that you’ll work less or shirk your responsibilities.

It implies that you're currently thinking seriously regarding the way to come through

So Have you figured this thing out?

May be not, Not an issue

it’s not that you are not trying you definitely are

Once you stop saying I was buys you will definitely notice that,  the “busy” thing as an excuse, have opened up even better conversations with people.

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