Monday, 7 April 2014

No Experience? No Problem. See How to get you Dream job

An Army combat engineer turned advertising executive. A banking executive turned career counselor. A mother of 12, now a communications writer. An Intel engineer turned comedian. These are not your typical career changes.

Here are the inspiring stories and creative ways these individuals used to transition into employment they love — while not connected work experience or education.

Work on your transferable skills and connect with the interviewer on a personal level
To get the recruiters’ attention, list your skills and compare them with the available job descriptions to examine  who can  the skill be applicable in job for which resume application will be sent. 

The frist step is to he centered the resume and canopy letter on these transferable skills and then convert then is such a way that they are applicable for the job that you have applied for.

The decision-makers who are taking your interview are usually not convinced that easily.  Its you who have to make an impression that how theses skills can be utilized in the best possible manner.

One of the approach which you can consider is - To explore the background of every questioner, then used the data  found to interrupt the ice by drawing out what they need in common.Do your homework: study the people, culture and therefore the work done. Use this to “ask intelligent questions on the job,”

When transferable skills aren’t enough: quash the stereotypes
To solve this,  compiled the bios of senior leaders in major career development companies, and through persistent networking, he got an audience with the decision-makers of these firms.

Dont request for an interview. Instead, show them the bio compilation without the names and ask them to visualize for any similarities within the work and backgrounds on the bios. None of them may notice a pattern.

After  this, the those that didn't wish to allow you an opportunity  will be quite comfortable  in hiring you or at least considering you for the applied position.
Remember - Don’t disqualify yourself from the competition simply because you don’t have the “requirements” for the work

Create your own experience

Many aspiring  Professionals think they can’t have a successful career because they don’t have an related degree, but  if you considered those who are quite successful you will notice one thing  common. “No potential employer noticed or inquired about  lack of education

As for changing jobs and learning new skills, What industry leaders recommend is -  “If you want to do something difficult, try something even more difficult, and the difficult thing will become less so.”

Let that sink in for a moment. It’s logical advice speaking on stage is  hard, but it’s even harder to make people laugh. Once you  comfortable with comedy, public speaking came easier.

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