Friday, 18 April 2014

Interview Question: What Were Your Responsibilities in Your Last Job?

Interview Question: What Were Your Responsibilities in Your Last Job?

During a phone screen or interview, you’ll possibly be asked regarding your responsibilities in your most recent position. It’s vital for hiring managers to grasp your contributions to your previous company to examine how you'll work into their organization. Therefore, when answering this question, you’ll need to indicate the questioner how your past expertise can translate to future success with their company.

Sell Yourself while Being Honest
It might be tempting to exaggerate your past expertise to seem just like the most qualified candidate, however, this could cause major issues. once performing a reference check, if the questioner were to find you've got embellished, you'll be removed from consideration for the job. Instead, honestly sell your responsibilities to the questioner, whereas relating them to responsibilities for the role. remember to relate larger responsibilities within the scope of the company as a whole, instead of that specialize in your day-after-day, routine tasks.

Be Relevant to the Position
When describing your past responsibilities, it’s vital to relate them to the necessities of the role. By specifically crafting your answers to deal with the role’s needs, you'll be able to prove that you simply have the qualifications required to achieve success in the role and contribute to the success of the company.

Don’t place confidence in Your Resume
Finally, don’t scan off your resume when talking about your past responsibilities. The questioner has already seen this and resumes tend to include only general responsibilities and achievements. within the interview, you must go in additional detail regarding specific responsibilities (though, jump daily duties) and the way you performed them, and their importance to the general business.

You’re interviewing for a client support role that needed excellent communications skills, expertise providing service over the phone and information of Microsoft software's.

Poor answer: “I answered answer customers’ queries over the phone and tho' email.”

Good answer: “As a client Service Representative at one amongst the nation’s largest cable suppliers, we had many requests daily. whereas some matters concerned comparatively commonplace help, several others needed a high quantity of care and a spotlight. My responsibilities enclosed answering client requests via phone and email, upselling customers to additional strong plans, and change customers’ most current contact data and adjusting their accounts, all whereas upholding our commonplace of wonderful client service. I logged any issues that surfaced into a database and forwarded those problems to our product team for investigation. additionally, I updated and maintained the schedules of our support technicians who traveled to the homes of our customers to provide cable started and technical help. All client requests were taken care of swiftly and accurately, leading the corporate to receive higher customer service ratings than our competitors.”

Be ready to answer this question in interviews, as a result of employers can raise it to verify your qualifications and confirm how well you may match into the organization. By adding detail and outline to your responsibilities, taking under consideration the necessities of the position you’re interviewing for, and selling yourself while not embellishing, you may “wow” potential employers and stand out against the competition.

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