Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Best tool to increase Sales productivity

Small yet extremely powerful tools to require your sales and marketing process to the next notch.

I know his name... how do i purchase his email address?

How do i get to understand more regarding this guy?

Did he open my email? Did he scan it? should I write again?

Will send a mail in the evening.

Oh God, I had to follow up with him last week... completely forgot...

He is not in my network, i get do i purchase connected with him?

Does this sound familiar? These are common day to day obstacles holding us back everyday in our path to glory. This not only results in productivity loss, unnecessary delays but a lot of frustration as well

Here are the answer to most of these issues

Next time you want to understand who opened your email, when was it opened, where was it opened? Look no more.

This powerful tool will pay attention of all of this and provides your powerful analytics to measure as well. i use this very effectively to know when to follow up and to whom. To top it up, you'll be able to even set up reminders to follow up if you have not heard from your prospective client.

You all know, reaching out to your prospect at the right time is heck vital to shut a sale. a must have if you're targeting a lot of individuals and wish to form the impact you're looking for.

Next time you would like to seek out out an email address and wish to understand somewhat additional regarding the prospect to send a personalized email, and not sound cold, make certain to see out the Rapportive extension to seek out anyone’s email address.

Rapportive extension offers you a brief about the person available from his social profiles as well as LinkedIn by simply having their email address (even if you aren’t connected to the person).

The excel file can permit you to have variety of potential email addresses by simply knowing someone’s 1st and family name.

Then, you put those email addresses one by one in your compose window and if the e-mail address is valid, the rapportive extension can show you their social profiles.

It is an excellent way to verify anyone’s email address in a whiff.

So, now crib no more about not having anyone’s email id to reach out to and just shoot your means into your prospects inbox.


Another good tool

Are you the sort of one who incorporates a thousand eureka moments daily and wish to shoot out an email straight off (even if it should not be the proper time to send the mail, provided that the possibilities of the opposite person opening the mail is low)

Well, then you're no different, there are millions of others with identical drawback.

Now, this can be where Boomerang comes in, use this tool create|to form} the message with the eureka concept that simply popped and schedule the mail for a date and time you take for can make the foremost impact.

The icing on cake is “Remind me” feature, if you wish to follow up with the person just in case you do not hear from him then use this feature to induce a reminder to follow up.


A kickass technique to message a Linkedin user if you're not connected to him. this can be one among the lesser famous nevertheless powerful tricks to induce connected with somebody.

Let ME tell you currently on a way to do it:

A) Assumption, you're not able to connect with the prospect

B) don't have any common connects to invite reference.

To connect along with your prospect, the primary issue you would like to see is that the groups you're related to. be part of the groups he's in blindly.

Go to the cluster and then click on members tab. you will be shocked to ascertain that you just ar allowed to message the member even if you're not connected to them.

Cool, right? Happy sane spamming.

These are tiny yet very powerful tools to require your sales and marketing method to ensuing notch. There are few additional powerful tools for growth hacking however these are an honest place to begin. These have in person done wonders on behalf of me and that i would suggest all to use it and additional.

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