Thursday, 24 April 2014

Manage Your Schedule Before It starts managing You

Time is like a flying machine, time flies, wasting time, saving time, buying time – we’ve all heard a lot about these expressions. They’re reflections of our tendency to treat time as a Trade commodity, as one thing which will be bought, oversubscribed and wasted. This process couldn’t be away from the reality, however curiously enough, it’s a thought around that we’ve designed most of our waking lives.

Where several people get into hassle is our occasional (or for a few individuals, chronic) inability to manage our precious time
The fact is, whether you’re a stay at home mom, an executive, a freelancer or an athlete, time management is key to success.  to not mention stress reduction.

Here is how can you become a time management expert?

1.Plan The Time
Seems quite obvious doesn’t it? That’s as a result of it's. however many of us don’t sit down and truly place their attempt to paper. waking up within the morning and doing a fast run-down in your head isn’t enough if you’ve got a full schedule. currently nobody is recommending that you just arrange each second of your life, that’s not possible (and honestly, slightly weird) however having an idea place to paper has huge advantages.

By investing the first fifteen to half-hour of your day writing down your schedule, you produce a visible illustration of your day. I additionally suggest that you just do your best to estimate start and completion times for your regular tasks. By assigning target times to it list, you produce mini deadlines which will facilitate spur motivation throughout the day.

It’s okay if you don’t continuously make the mark when it involves meeting your mini deadlines. You’ll notice that after sometime following you mini deadlines on daliy basis, You will observe meeting all the dead line with lot of ease 

2. Time Diary 
Be aware of where your time goes. think about a food diary. It’s basically a journal within which dieters consciously track everything they dine in each day, and it typically|will be|is|may be} necessary as a result of individuals often don’t notice what proportion junk they eat. a similar principle will apply to how you pay your time. you will assume you’re spending some time on worthy tasks while not realizing what proportion of your time you’re really wasting on junk.

Now I’m not trying to suggest that taking a break is unacceptable. In fact, breaks are very necessary. however take conscious breaks. Peeking at your phone mid-task or answering an email just because it comes - that's can be conidered as an distraction, and it will put a kink in your schedule. therefore do your best to spot and eliminate distractions, and put aside time between tasks to stay away and take a break.

3. Realize Balance
Now that I’ve painted a pretty controlled image of your time management. And whereas time management is concerning structure and focus, there are times after you have to throw the arrange out the window so as to stay effective. You can’t arrange each little factor and understanding that will assist you to quickly get past any hiccups in your schedule. 

Also, in the midst of all your scheduling and planning be sure to pencil in some fun or relaxing activities for yourself, even if it’s just watching an episode of your favorite TV show. It might seem silly to actually “schedule” your down time but doing just that makes relaxing a conscious choice so you’re less likely to do it mid-task. Scheduling your down time and forcing yourself to “turn off” can also give you the chance to recharge and ultimately increase your productivity.

In this day and age, our lives have reached a level of complexions that no previous generation may have ever anticipated. We’re bombarded with tasks and knowledge at lightning speed and being able to effectively manage our time has become a necessity. By staying aware and creating an idea, you'll avoid being flooded and keep your schedule from managing you.

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