Monday, 11 August 2014

Brainstorming's Rules

Have you ever experienced an idea for which you were super-excited about get blown to bits straight away ? 

So , as a tip from a instructor and personal development trainer , I wanted to offer a little understanding of helping others with brainstorming a bit . 

Rule 1 . Keep in mind that Ideas are Currency 
Ideas are the most important point we need . If we have a problem , it is an idea which will solve it . If we want to achieve more with our objectives , we are digging for a concept on how to succeed . The extremely heights of the happiness pursuit along with the lows of depression both require a single idea . So , we brainstorm . Regardless of whether you are the brainstormer OR the sounding-board , we must keep in mind that the idea is a form of currency . If you happen to be the brainstormer , realize that the person that you are sharing with may or may not value the idea like you do . They might not know how long it took you or how vested you can be in the idea . Cut them some slack . If you are the sounding-board , be delicate that this person may have invested a ton of time on the idea . Just listen or motivate . If it needs critique , remember Rule 4 .

Rule 2 . Be Passionate . 
Regardless of what , always interact with a brainstormer with excitement . Your role as a sounding-board is rarely to discourage a concept . Yes , yes , yes ; I know that you simply think brainstormers have way too many ideas . Not so . 
We , brainstormers , are simply not surrounded by enough individuals to help make our vast amount of ideas a reality . It merely sounds like too many suggestions because you don’t see them come to fruition . Our role across the world is to make more ideas and also get excited about them . You might be afraid that you are accountable to make those brainstorms become a reality . Not necessarily . You role might be to encourage more ideas . Just remember Rule 1 : Ideas are Foreign currency . That could roughly translate to : Much more Ideas = More Cash ( or Success , or Humanitarianism , etc . ) If you find it difficult to be enthusiastic for a brainstormer’s ideas , in that case try to always keep Rule 3 in mind . 

Rule 3 . Brainstorming is a sport . 
Be sure to have fun with a brainstormer . For them , it is a type of play . They play in the recesses of their thought . They only share it to have fun with a concept long enough to see if it is worth acting on . Bear in mind tha games are quite serious , too ! Just because I state it is a game does not mean we need to ignore sound brainstorms . Whether or not it will be a good or timely idea is appropriate itself out . Your main role ( if you are a sounding-board ) , is to basically play ! Enjoy the fact that you can be surrounded by such a creative person . 

These are playing and need someone to toss the ball to them now and again . Catch that darn ball . Validate them by validating them . Even if you agree to don’t like the idea ! Let them know that it is ok to generate ideas . This can be done by tossing the ball back to them with an additional idea .

Rule 4 . Never Say ‘No’ . 
For anyone whose ability to select problems with some other people’s ideas border on a super-power , understand a few simple phrases which will allow you to offer your own critique without destroying the brainstormer’s world . 

You see , you might think you are being “realistic” . Since all we need to perform to see what is reasonable is open our eyes , the value on realistic look is quite low . For a brainstormer , “realistic” is often associated with “living-dead” , “zombie” , “sheeple” , and the like . 

Now hang on . You and I both know that realism has its include the ideation process . Just not during the brainstorming stage . If , however , you really consider it wise to curb or re-direct a brainstorm to a better guidance that you can see , try one of these phrases . 

“You understand what would be even better ? !” 
“Or , we could . . !” 
“It could be so much better if we…” 
Phrases similar to these are VERY important to encourage the brainstormer and yet nevertheless guide the brainstorming process . Never , previously , under any circumstance , tell us no . Don’t be that person . 

Give it a try ! 
The the next time you have a friend with a wild idea , try to deliberately follow these rules . Let me understand how they do . If you have your own guidelines for brainstorming , add them in the comments below ! 

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