Monday, 25 August 2014

How to avoid the Excuse - "You're Overqualified"

There is certainly good news as well as bad news regarding the job market place . 

First of all , the good news : Companies are hiring more and more people , and also for better-paying positions . 

Now for the bad news : Certain employers remain too short-sighted when it comes to employing decisions . 

The explanation ? Companies have a “psychological bias” with regards to employment gaps on a job application . For some irrational reason they believe that the staff member must be incompetent if he or she has progressed for more than six months without work . 

You will find that there are currently 3 .2 million candidates who may have been looking for a job for longer than six months . They sometimes are able to discover temporary jobs , or in some instances they simply stop appearing because they’re so discouraged by the constant rejections . But the simple truth is that employers have put on blinders to these types of thousands of workers who definitely are capable of being beneficial assets to their companies. 

Just about the most common ways employers are going to reject someone with a great deal of experience who may have been out of work for a while is to say , “You’re overqualified .” 

 They basically don’t wish to take a chance on someone that nobody else seems to be battling to hire . They don’t prevent to think about the enthusiasm and also loyalty a veteran employee may bring to a workforce . Not only are they competent with hard skills , they also possess the “soft skills” that are critical to any workplace . They’re resilient , have an excellent work ethic and don’t know the expression “no .” ( They’ve clearly showed that through a grueling job search . )

They simply don’t wish to take a chance on somebody that no one else appears to be fighting to hire . They don’t quit to think about the excitement and loyalty an expert employee can lead the way to a workforce . Not just are they qualified with really hard skills , they also possess the “soft skills” that are essential to any workplace . They’re resilient , possess a great work ethic and also don’t know the word “no .” ( They’ve obviously demonstrated that through a grueling job research . )

For job searchers , it’s going to obtain some savvy maneuvering to get over these stupid biases that speak you’re “overqualified .” Here are a few ideas to get you started : 

Utilize your cover letter to explain the reason why you may be switching industries or career . Ensure it is positive – not that you’re desperate for a job . 

In the job interview , talk about how you’re eager to understand the ropes and that you’ve already got a lot of transferable expertise ( communication , teamwork ) that will help you be a resource immediately . 

Be clear that you’ve attained a point in your life where you’re intrigued more in the tradition of a company or the meaning of the work instead of just a big paycheck or title . Let them know why you believe the responsibility will be a step in the appropriate direction for you . 
Discuss your passion . In the event that you’re excited about moving to a brand new company with new possibilities and chances to seek advise from new people and clients , say so . An employer really wants to make sure that you’re not going to jump ship immediately after something else comes along . Tell them why you believe them to be special . 
Go ahead and come to terms with the elephant in the room . At the end of the job interview , ask something like , “Is there anything you think that I lack in experience or skills to do this task well ?” This can enable them to consider how you could be a good fit based on the things you bring to the table . 

Finally , be distinct about what you really need from an employment . Don’t spend an employer’s time by taking a job with shell out so low you’ll be tempted to quit in three months , or work that you’ll find so boring you won’t be a determined employee . 

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