Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Inspire the Innovation Monster

Creativity originates from effort -- hard-earned , intentional practice and many being creative . There is no top secret to becoming a better painter compared to to just paint , to reading faster than to simply read , or more creative than to imagine and innovate . Below are some ways to get your creative juices flowing and also inspire the innovation monster within : 

1 . Explain what it means to be creative . In the same way people have different definitions of “ideal ,” the same applies to “creativity .” Take , for instance , Apple . The i-everything company is a master at developing new products and spinoffs from old ones . Starbucks , in spite of this , can only come up with a lot of different coffee beverages simply because they all taste like , well , coffee . 

As an alternative , the coffee giant’s creative touch lies within service , as it constantly shapes and redefines the service industry by making each Starbucks a place to not simply enjoy a tasty beverage , but hang out , read or study . In fact , the CEO of Starbucks , Howard Shultz , recently came up with a new creative approach to promoting service by offering paid online training funding for both current and former employees . 

2 . Be a copycat . The majority of ideas are not completely innate . In other words , ideas must originate from something whether it's a personal encounter , a passage in a story or a information headline . Ideas , then , are recreated or even repurposed as a result of someone or some thing . So if you want to be more innovative , you must first recreate . 

Now , I’m not suggesting you plagiarize , however going through the motions of rewriting words , movements or thoughts of an expert is an excellent way to build fundamentals and also muscle memory that allow you to connect the dots in the future

3 . Working out . Each and every muscle needs a break from time to time , and also physical activity allows your mind to stroll away from its current focus and also get the rest it needs . Investigation conducted by the Creativity Research Journal calculated the effects of exercise on creative imagination and found that people who worked out displayed more creative potential after exercising than had they not exercised at all -- yet another reason why working out is important . 

4 . Question everything . For job interviews , Thomas Edison accustomed to invite potential new hires over to his house for a good meal . If the applicant added salt to his meal before sampling it , then he failed to get the job . Edison only employed people who questioned the whole thing they did and also did not operate off assumptions . Those applicants who salted their meals before tasting it failed to query whether it needed salt in the first place . 

5 . Substitute words . Words mean completely different things to different people . With every word will come a unique meaning that is unique to each individual . 

If you want multiple perspective , some thing as simple as transforming your words can lead to better idea flow . 

Toyota requested employees for ideas about how they could become more productive . They acquired few suggestions . They reworded the query to : ‘In what methods might I make my job easier ?’ These were inundated with ideas . Even tiny adjustments with words can result in unpredictable , cataclysmic results . 

Creativeness , just like anything , requires practice . This means exercising an iron-willed determination to strike a constantly moving target -- and staying with it until you do . Incorporate the above behavior into your daily routine and also watch your own creative capacity build .

So , by no means overlook these two qualities .
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