Monday, 11 August 2014

Why are Indian graduates unemployable

In excess of three million Indians graduate out of academic institutions every year . Of those 20 to 25 per cent are engineers . 

In accordance with a recent survey by Aspiring Minds , an evaluation and grading firm , merely 19 per cent engineers are fit for employment . 

The un-employment figures among Indian graduates are actually dwindling down the years and also engineering graduates are not the merely ones affected by it 

A graduate in computer science and also engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi , Aggrawal works closely with young graduates from across the nation helping them address the talent gap and progress in their careers . 

Keep reading to find out what he thinks about the problem of unemployability in India 

Why are Indian engineering graduates turning into increasingly unemployable ? What factors do you attribute for this declining trend ? 

In contrast to in the past where engineering was regarded a professional vocation , in recent times , mechanism has become just another stream to pursue graduation . 
The second-rate of teachers in two-tier engineering colleges combined with an out-of-date curriculum is further adding to the difficulties of graduates . 
But that is definitely just one part of the problem ; additionally there is a silent revolution that is taking place when it comes to the kind of jobs engineering graduates would like . 
If you were to speak with engineering graduates that have recently completed college , you'll realise that many of them want to explore employed in non-technical sectors too . 
They don't wish to become software engineers ; they desire to explore more avenues -- turn into analysts , technical sales , pursue marketing and also accounting , to name a few . 
As you can imagine , there is a lot of competition to meet these specifics .

Regrettably not . If the employability rate among engineering graduates is 19 per cent , the quantity is dismal for graduates from commerce , science and also arts -- 5 to 6 per cent . 

You will discover three reasons to this : 

Considerably higher education in our country is resistance against change 

The high quality and curriculum of teaching is way below the expectations of the industry . 

Insufficient seriousness 
Within the last one decade , the minimum college attendance rate can often be neglected or overlooked . The objective and system of university education has gone through a major change -- youngsters simply want a degree at the end of it , they are not enthusiastic about the process . 

Deficiency of preparedness 
While it is an easy task to put all the blame on the curriculum , in the wake of cut-throat competitors , institutes need to pro-actively address the issue of employability . 

They have to sensitivise students by encouraging them to take up additional skilling courses depending on their domain of interest -- communication , coding , accounting etc . 

Exactly what should graduates do in order to turn into employable ? 

Graduates need to understand that greater education alone doesn't turn you into job ready . 
It will be silly to wait until your final year to make a decision what you want to do in life . 
You should not expect your institute to discover a job for you . 
Start early on -- when you're in your first year , look for internship opportunities you could consider during the holidays or weekends . 

In the direction of the end of your graduation , you’ll have a very good profile with relevant work experience .

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