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One Great Question To Ask At Job Interviews

One Great Question To Ask At Job Interviews

We've discussed quite a lot about questions you must ask at an interview when you're searching for a new job , but imagine if you're the one trying to assess a job candidate ? This one query might help you separate the ideal candidates from the rest . 

shares his previous , tiresome experience attempting to conduct technical interviews-from asking programming trivia issues , to creating a quiz manager , to simply letting the candidates code : 

I had been initially happy with the results and also did that for a couple of months . But once again I started experiencing a strong feeling that I was losing out on something . . . Something which just wasn't right . . . It's correct that I could easily spot the ones who understand how to solve algorithms from the others . But were as they definitely the terrific programmers I was looking for ? Whenever you think about it , is the quality of a programmer described by how well he/she can solve a math situation , or whether or not he is actually able to sort a list in O( n log n ) and not O( n2 ) ? 

And then he discovered the one question that makes the most difference :

I have constantly been convinced that individuals who love code do not restrain their coding activities to their work . They bring home that love and continue to generate for fun as a hobby . How many times have I felt discouraged at work because of a striving eclipse , only to discover relief and joy when creating ruby on rails code back home ! 

Therefore it was , that after 1 year of learning from mistakes , I completely stopped passing out technical tests . I would take a seat with the candidate , found out and comment his resume without inquiring him any questions for a good 5-10 minutes . After which I would flip over the job application , look at the candidate in the sight and ask : "we have about 30 minutes left . would you like to please tell me about the most excellent project that you've ever created ?" 

Even though this is in the context of coding interviews , the premise should work in most fields : Candidates whose sight light up when they speak about their best projects ( maybe more universally , the best one they "worked on" instead of "created" ) and are proud and also passionate about their work are the types of people you would like to surround yourself with .

So , by no means overlook these two qualities .
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