Friday, 8 August 2014

Why Asking for Feedback After an Interview Is not considered as a good Idea

If executive personal assistants are attempting to work for a high net worth private , billionaire or celebrity , chances are they are inevitably going to be confronted with dissatisfaction whenever they don’t get the dream job . The first knee-jerk reaction would be to ask for feedback simply because they want to know exactly what went wrong . Having to take such a stance is useless and even counterproductive . While certain recruiters and also headhunters may feel it’s OK to solicit for feedback , listed here are my reasons for remaining against it : 

The statistics are against you : Mathematically considering , open positions with the one-percent have been in very high demand . Applicants that apply for any specific position ( estate manager , PA , social secretary , etc . ) will probably be up against world-class challengers – the majority of which are more experienced . It’s not unusual for industry leaders and also Fortune 500 professionals to get hundreds or even thousands of applications for open up jobs , so the odds are simply against you . Don’t worry , the workplace probably didn’t feel a “connection” ( professionally talking ) , even if you were the most eligible candidate for the job .

Managers aren’t going to be honest : Even though someone does provide you with feedback , they’re not likely to be completely truthful anyway . Because of human being resource managers that enforce organization policies ( and other miscellaneous employment laws ) , the information and facts that flows out of companies regarding job applicants is very washed-out . There are dozens of ( negative ) explanations they may not have preferred you , but they’re not likely to admit it . Maybe your own interviewing skills aren’t up to par , or perhaps they believed you weren’t well-groomed . In the end , there are a number of unspoken certification they are looking for that simply are not detailed in the job description ( fair or not , that’s the world we live in ) . 

It’s in the vision of the beholder : Even if you could easily get the employer to be 100% honest to you about why you were turned down , it should be all in favor of a grain of salt . What one workplace may not like might be perfect for someone else . Your own focus should be to keep carrying on and put the past behind you . If you really want unfiltered information regarding why you’re not scoring jobs , then you should talk to a career coach because , eventually , they have absolutely no stake in the game but will give you honest feedback from a third-eye perspective .

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