Monday, 4 August 2014

How to Write Action Statements

Are you being affected by your resume ? Is it difficult to remember what you have accomplished ? Below are some basic types of success statements to get you started : 

1 . You enhanced revenue . 

Examples : Intended a retailer display that increased merchandise placements and also resulted in 8 percentage annual sales growth . 

Interacted with our wholesale distributors to recognize under performing retailers to include in a brand new marketing program . Efforts resulted in improved product placements and 8 percent annual product sales growth . 

2 . You reduced expenses . 

Examples : Are writing an RFP for a new telecom service provider that generated improved user features and a 4 percentage decrease in annual expense . 

Assessed responses to an RFP for a new telecom provider . Uncovered three vendors for on-site interviews . Change resulted in a 4 percent decline in annual expense . 

3 . You created something happen faster . 

Examples : 

Led a collaborative examine and restructuring of delivery tracks that enabled drivers to reach major customers thirty minutes earlier each day . 

Chosen to participate on a task force that and restructured delivery routes . Adjustments enabled drivers to reach primary customers 30 minutes previously each day 

4 . You created something better . 

Examples : 

Proven a relationship manager , single-point-of-contact program for everyone internal customers . Program resulted in constant service , higher levels of service , and also improved relationships with other department. 

Allocated to work with Purchasing since their single point of get in touch with with Accounting . Automated planning of three “shadow system” reports that needed previously required 10 hours of staff time per week . 

5 . You have been promoted . 

Example :Promoted from Manager to Director . 

Ask yourself , “What function did I play , either as the lead or as a group member , in making the company more money or even in making operations cheaper , faster , or better ?” You’ll almost almost always come up with some good answers and some terrific resume fodder ! 

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