Friday, 1 August 2014

Position or Location: Which is More Important

In the event that you’re one of the millions of Individuals looking for an employment right now , you understand how difficult it is to stay level-headed with so many obstacles to jump and circumstances to consider . Regardless of whether you just graduated and are looking for your first job after college or you’ve already been in the field for many years and are ready for a change , choosing the best fit can eat away at your free time and also leave you mentally exhausted . Practical queries such as , “Am I experienced for this position ?” and “Can I afford my residence on this salary ?” collide with personal issues like , “Will I feel satisfied at this job ?” and also “Will it help me reach my career goals ?” 

One method to alleviate some of this anxiety is to address ahead of time the overarching question that encompasses most of these concerns : should you employ for-and ultimately accept-a job dependent primarily on the position itself or on its location ? If it’s always been your own dream to move to adiffrent state or country , however you’ve been offered a job on the east coast which will really advance your career , should you seize the job and sacrifice location ? Conversely , would you acknowledge a less relevant or lower-paying job to reside in your favorite city or near friends and family ? While there’s no simple answer to this problem , you may find that certain aspects of the job , the location , as well as your personal goals can help you make the best decision for you . 

The position may be more essential if… 
You find your dream job , or even a lower-level type of it . It may be worth moving far away or to a less-than-ideal location in the event that you’re lucky enough to score the task you’ve always wanted . Even landing a position that’s a number of steps below your desired career level could warrant an area change if it’s on the direct path to in which you want to end up . 
It’s at an important company in your field . If it’s your dream to become a bigwig in a Fortune 500 company , it might be worth leaving the comfort of your hometown for almost any job , even one which may initially seem unrelated to your field . A lot of companies try to fill job openings from within before looking to outside jobseekers , and when your preferred position finally opens up , you’ll have a much better chance of getting it if you’re already on the payroll .

You have strong personal ties to a location. You know yourself better than anyone – only you can know if the idea of moving to a foreign location terrifies you or excites you. Some people relish the idea of learning a new city and meeting all new people, while others cringe at the idea of leaving friends and family behind. If you’re in the latter category, staying close to your loved ones may be the most important factor in your job search.

You prefer a fresh start . Maybe you simply graduated college and would like to get out of your hometown , or even you’re ready for a career change no matter where it requires you . If you’re itching for a brand new start but don’t have a particular location in mind , look for jobs all over the country ( or even beyond ) to find an occupation that you’re passionate about . If you’re going to uproot your whole life , the adjustment will be simpler if you’re excited about the job awaiting you when you get there . 
The location might be more important if… 

The position is just loosely related to your ideal career . Getting good results career may not be practical appropriate away-maybe you need more industry expertise or another degree before you can even commence applying to those higher-level positions . If you’re just looking for employment to help you save for grad school or pad your resume , you’ll be happier residing in the location of your choice . Plus , you can start networking with professionals in your own field who live in the area so you’ll have connections that may help you acquire the job you want once you’re ready . 

Your business has a strong presence in a certain location . While it’s most likely you’ll find a job in your chosen area in a variety of locations , it may be to your best benefit to move to an area that’s a major hub for your industry . Sure , you will discover publishing companies all over the country , however if you’re serious about making it big in the publishing industry , you may want to strongly think about making the move to New York . By doing so , you’re opening up yourself up to more marketing contacts and future career opportunities .

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