Thursday, 7 August 2014

Measures and habits of the best managers

Following are tips about successfully modeling the measures and habits of the best managers: 

Turn out to be a first-class communicator 
Considering that we reside in the Information Age , the ability to communicate ( and also motivate others ) is essential for supervisors at all levels . Why ? As former Chrysler Chairman Lee Iacocca once described it , "You will surely have brilliant ideas , but if you can't help them get across , your thoughts won't get you anywhere ." 

When considering both oral and written communication , the more you need to do it , the better you'll get at it . Polish your current skills by volunteering to deliver delivering presentations and draft reports . If you're not yet comfortable in the limelight , boost your confidence by joining a public speaking organization or even taking a business communication training course . 

Pay attention up 
Thoughtful leaders typically spend the maximum time listening as they do talking . Although they may be confident , they don't claim to possess all the answers . They welcome feedback , additional viewpoints and new ideas . Moreover , they have got an open-door policy to encourage people to reach out with inquiries and concerns . 

Build connection by practicing "active listening ." Throughout discussions , focus intently on exactly what the speaker is saying instead of interrupting or tuning out to develop a response in your head . Display people they have your undivided consideration by nodding , maintaining good eye contact and maintaining your smartphone out of sight . 

Have a strong moral compass 
Ethics and also accountability aren't just buzzwords ; they're business imperatives . In reality , senior executives named integrity as the single most significant trait they look for when ever grooming future leaders , in accordance with another Robert Half International survey . 

As soon as your character is questioned , the deterioration can be irreparable . Protect your credibility by conducting yourself honestly and forthrightly . Make it clear you can be guided by a core set of fixed values -- not situational types . If you do make a mistake or even exercise poor judgment , seize full responsibility and corrective measures immediately . 

Develop a strong internal network 
Influential supervisors know that being well-connected and also well-respected are key to gaining information and resources . They also recognize it's much easier to sell their ideas once they have allies who'll assistance them . So savvy supervisors continually develop a strong and diverse coverage within their organizations . 

Increase your reach and visibility 
by forging friendships with co-workers in all corners of your company . Sign up for cross-departmental initiatives , check out company events and generally attempt to be an outgoing team player . Share credit rating for your successes and pitch in to help other people whenever possible . They'll likely reciprocate . 

Be flexible 
Good managers are flexible , innovative and also able to think on their feet . They continue to be open to new ways of doing things and appreciate that there's not at all times one "right" way to reach a goal or even complete a task . 

Whenever business priorities suddenly shift or even you're asked to tackle a project that falls outside your work description , be open to the change . Obtain onboard quickly and embrace the new challenge with an optimistic attitude . 

It requires time and commitment to develop leadership abilities , however it's worth the effort . If you feel a little bit awkward or intimidated as you attempt to hone these skills , take ease and comfort in knowing that most terrific managers don't fall under the rare "born leader" category . Such as you , they're working really hard at it .

So , by no means overlook these two qualities .
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